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Friday, November 23, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C

You know how you stroll into a store... Starbucks in hand.. not particularly looking for anything in specific, but just looking.  Suddenly, through the corner of your eye, you spot something special.  Wait, is that on SALE???  Your stroll suddenly turns into a fast paced walk... you spot someone headed in the same direction and you're thinking 'B... step off'!  Now you know it's on and you better step up your game!   So you walk a little faster until.... you reach her!  You pick her up, admire her beauty for a second or two.... unzip her, pull out the price tag and.... it IS on sale!!!!  It's that moment you realize, this was meant to be!  Think about it... there she was, swimming in a sea of bags... she was the only one... there... waiting to come home with meeeee!  I quickly strutted my two step right on over to the counter and made this pretty baby officially MINE!  Yipeee! I LOVE HER!  I especially adore the rose gold hardware making it the perfect compliment to its happy yellow color! You can get yours from Nordstrom like i did right here!  What do you think?  When have you ever felt that for a fabulous find you've spotted....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Accessories are EVERYTHING!

You've heard me say it before... accessories are EVERYTHING!  You can take a plain Jane outfit and turn it into a vavavoom outfit simply by adding the right accessories.  Jewelry is a great way to do just that!  JCrew is one of my favorite stores because i feel they really capture what i feel is my style... classic with a twist.  One of my favorite necklaces of all times is the turquoise JCrew bubble necklace which i've shown you here.  I don't know but there's just something about turquoise bold statement jewelry that makes me happy!  Well, the other day, while strolling through the store, i came across this necklace (i picked it up in mineral green btw) which i completely fell in love with.  It's simple, the perfect color and yet has a bit of a sparkle embedded between the turquoise/seafoam beads making it even more special.... you know, classic with a twist!  So i couldn't resist... I knew exactly what i wanted to pair it up with!  Remember a few posts back when i did the side swept bun tutorial?  I wore one of my current favorite white boho tops from Anthropology which you can see here.  Don't you think this would pair well with that top along with a great pair of jeans?  I'm showing it here with that top as well as a classic boat neck stripped nautical top to show how it instantly dresses it up without overdoing it.  What do you think?

I've paired it here with the polishes i used in my most recent manicure post.  I think they compliment each other don't you?

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