Target Beauty Preview Event- Spring/Fall 2016 Launches

Monday, May 23, 2016

Last week i had the pleasure of attending the Target Beauty Preview Event in NYC showcasing an array of Spring/Fall 2016 launches.  Let me just preface by saying that when Target hosts an event, they do it right!  The event took place at the Target Studios in Chelsea and lucky for me, i got to experience it all with a couple of my gorgeous blogger friends Hello Miss Niki and Beauty Judy! Lets face it, these events are always more fun when shared with friends.

The place was a beauty lover's dream!  Shelves adorned with much anticipated new launches (i'm looking at you Pixi Glow Tonic Pads)!  While browsing through products, you could get mini massages, manicures or hair touch ups!  What a sweet way to pamper us beauty enthusiasts! First, i met with Petra of Pixi Beauty.  You all know i'm a huge fan of both the brand and the creator.  We caught up a bit on life and of course chatted about all the wonderful products launching in late August.  We had a good laugh because i swear there are certain product Petra makes for me (ok, humor me people!)  Seriously though,  last Fall Pixi launched Glow Tonic at Target Stores in a travel friend bottle.  This was major for me because i always have to pour my GT into a tiny bottle whenever i travel. Thankfully i no longer have to do that.  Well, things just go so real because Pixi is launching Glow Tonic Pads!!!!  Thank you Pixi... i know you created this for me.... for real!  I had a chance to try one on the back of my hand and it smells incredible.  Also noted, the pads were quite saturated so they'll work product onto your skin quite beautifully!  OK, we will have to chat more about this launch a bit later this summer but i simply couldn't help myself!  Pixi is also launching some gorgeous Multibalms that can be used on your cheeks, lips and eyes!  You know i love me some multi-tasking products right?  I'm going to have so much fun with these!  Oh and i got a few in my gift bag so expect a review soon!

Next stop.... Sonia Kashuk!  You guys... seriously brace yourselves!  I was blown away by a few products here.  First, look a that GORGEOUS makeup hunter green makeup pouch with matching brush set!  Could you just die?!!!!!  Honestly, I'm completely smitten and think this will be my favorite Fall beauty situation!  I was stoked to see the makeup pouch in my gift bag and you better believe that as soon as those brushes launch, i will be purchasing them!  They're gorgeous and incredibly soft!  One of the other products that had me practically drooling is the stunning Six Pan Eye Palette in Gems & Jewels.... Oh Em Geeee you guys it's STUNNING!  Seriously, this palette will be your BFF this Fall... trust!  Also featured at the event were SK brush sets with matching carrying cases and travel pouches.  Sonia Kashuk does travel makeup bags right!  I currently own quite a collection of them because they make traveling with my favorite beauty products a cinch!

A much anticipated upcoming launch happening this Fall at Target is their collaboration with Beautycounter!  I recently posted about this launch here but it was so much fun actually previewing the products in person! The Rosewater Mist is one i'm very excited to own when the collection launches!  I will also pick up the Blush and Bronze Duo as well as the Cream Blush! Such a gorgeous collection!

Here is a preview of all the brands on display! 

Fun fact... after trying this You Are Amazing Final Spritz Coconut Water Body Spritz.... i ran to my local target (literally after the event before getting home) and purchased the entire inventory!  It's the best $3.99 you will EVER spend! 

Below is my portrait drawn by a local artist at the event... so fun!

A huge thank you to Target for inviting me to this amazing event!  I loved learning about all the wonderful things happening in beauty particularly at Target since i practically live there!  Seriously Target... just take my money... obsessed! Target gifted me a very generous swag bag (if you follow me on SnapChat @fashionmavenmom you've already seen what's inside), so i'll be sure to review some of the products inside in time for their upcoming launches!  

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla -  FMM

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