Makeup Fridge! Beauty Game Changer!

Monday, February 18, 2019

When i first spotted this pretty little makeup fridge i thought... wow, brilliant concept!  I mean, for years I've been tossing my eye creams and jade roller in my giant fridge next to the milk and eggs.  Seriously not at all glamourous but i simply love the depuffing action that my skin looks forward to every single morning! Have you ever applied an eye balm or moisturizer straight out of the fridge? Or a jade roller for that matter?  It's heaven... like a venti cup of the most palatable coffee for your skin! 

So this year, my sweet hubby gifted me this beauty for my birthday!  I nearly squealed with excitement when it arrived and quickly put it to the test!  Oh my LAWD it's uhhhhmazing and oh so cute!  It comes in a few colors but i opted for pink because it's so delicate and feminine!  I keep it on the nightstand of my guest room which i also use as an office/beauty room!  It's the perfect addition and since it's where i get ready every morning, i love that i can easily reach for my morning skincare just before applying my makeup.  This beauty keeps products just cold enough without overdoing it. It's quite gentle!  It comes with a removable shelf which is nice because there are certain products that will not fit if the shelf is in place so i sometimes remove it to suit them. It has a handle that makes it portable (pssst... you can even use it in your car to keep your drinks cool if you're on the road).  This beauty is quite the little multi-tasker and i for one am obsessed!  

Hubs purchased this one here but there are a ton of options out there!  I found some adorable ones for half the price! Either way, i think the overall concept is brilliant and i strongly recommend you snatch up one of these cuties.  Your skin will thank you for it!

Thank you so much for reading!  Xo, Carla 



  1. Ummm i had no clue this was even a thing and I think it's adorable and now I want one. Lol

  2. Okay, my mind is seriously blown. HOW COOL IS THIS. Literally! What a genius idea!