Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Okay, so i know there's been tones of hype over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and you are probably over it with all the presale coverage from bloggers.  I hear you!  BUT, let me explain what makes this sale so different from the rest.  Basically Nordstrom is putting out new inventory for Fall and bringing down the prices on select items.  These prices will go back up once the sale is over.  This is new, Fall inventory... not an end of season sale!  I shop this sale every single year but it's important to keep a few things in mind when shopping the #Nsale.  First, think about key pieces that you know you'll get tons of use out of in the fall.  Is there a pair of boots you've been eyeing but they're so expensive and you simply couldn't bring yourself to splurge?  You know, like these Frye Boots that are literally 50% off their usual price?? Or perhaps you need a few basics like good cotton shirts or camis?  This is the sale you'll want to stock up on those.  Seriously, Frye boots are an investment piece so when they go on sale, you definitely should grab yourself a pair.  This year, i have my eye on a few key pieces.  If they're sold out then oh well, I'm not stressing myself over it.  However, i plan on spending my money on what i feel i will get lots of use out of in the Fall.  I don't want to just grab items that are going to sit in my closet.  I've narrowed down a few items by category that i plan on trying on and perhaps purchasing! I hope these suggestions help you navigate through the sale.

I live in the long sleeve cotton tops I've purchased from the #nsale in previous years, so i fully intend to stock up on those.  Camis are always a staple in my closet because they look great with a cardi and jeans.  And who doesn't love themselves a 'Good Vibes' shirt?!

Sweaters are always a fun item to snatch a the Nordstrom sale.  I'm loving the color block sweater as well as the emerald green and yellow!  I try and do a good cardigan every year.  Last year i got a few that i rocked so much!  This year, i have my eye on this one!

Every year without fail, i pick up a new pair of booties.  The pair that i got last year i wore almost every single day and loved them!  This year, i have my eye on these!  However, i have to make a recommendation!  I purchased this pair (full price) a couple of years back.  They're waterproof suede and beyond comfortable.  They're the prefect bootie for work and fun!  I loved them so much i went back and purchased them in another color.  They are $50 off the original price and i strongly suggest picking up a pair.  You'll understand once they go on your feet... they feel uhhhmazing!

This pair of tights that i bought at the Nordstrom sale a couple of years back is the most comfortable pair i own and they're completely opaque!  Every time Nordstrom brings them back to their sale, i pick up a pair!  They're so good!  Also, these jeans are super cute and will look great paired with one of the sweaters above!

Okay, i truly hope this helps you sort through the sale.  My plan is to place an order first thing in the morning and then heading over to the store to check out the inventory, try on product and keep you guys informed of what i find.  If i spot any deals that are noteworthy and have not been mentioned here, I'll be sure to share.  Also, i may post a try on haul here or on instagram... what would you prefer? Scroll down for all my picks and HAPPY SHOPPING BEAUTIES! Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla


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