Major Deal!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

You know when you go to your absolute favorite store, realize they're having a major sale and score big time?! That never happens right?  But i swear to you... it totally happened to me!  OK so before you start giving me the side eye, i just want to remind you of the bomb cyclone that happened on my birthday earlier this month, forcing me to cancel my day at the spa as well as my afternoon of shopping!  OK, now that we're friends again, i wanted to share these major finds with you because i actually found some were still available online!  My first go at the Anthropologie sales rack happened the previous week.  I scored two stunning pairs of shoes, a fun pair of earrings and a gorgeous dress for $23!  I felt like the Ikea commercial where the lady runs out of the sale screaming to her husband, 'staaaaaart your caaaar'!!!! Sadly, those deals were sold out online so i couldn't share them with you.  Well, my second visit to Anthro had me so excited because they added a few items that were not there the previous week.  

I obsess over beautiful kimonos.  They're so feminine and versatile.  Yes, one might look at them as lounge wear but personally, i love pairing them with a pair of raw hemmed jeans and a t-shirt or cami.  Naturally, when i spotted this gorgeous kimono for $30, i simply could not take it off!  It was originally $100!  I have a thing for anything written in French, so i was thrilled to find this super fun t-shirt! I also scored two gorgeous bag... the one pictured in this outfit was a mere $18!  It looks so high end with the beautiful gold and tassel details.  You can wear it as a clutch or crossbody!  Not shown here are a beautiful marble cheese plate I'd had my eye on for months.  It says Merci and originally cost $80, i paid $18!!! DEAL.OF.A.LIFETIME!

OK this last picture i wanted to share because i noticed this figure wearing white next to the tree that has my mind spinning.  There wasn't anyone there.  In fact, i just looked at all the raw footage of this shoot and there wasn't anyone in the pictures behind me.  What could it be!!!  (i added this photo a day after the post went live because i wanted to share this with you guys... maybe an angel paid me a visit.  Feeling extra blessed).... See photo below.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm....

 I'll post my haul below via clickable pictures as well as outfit details that i am able to link. Basically, Anthro's Tag sale offers an additional 40% off already marked down prices so don't miss out!  Items are selling fast!  Hope you score as well as i did and if you do, please share your Anthro finds with me!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM



  1. photos and your outfit are beautiful and gorgeous

    1. Aw thank you so much love! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. I seriously LOVE those moments! And haha, I always think of the Ikea commercial, too. That is too funny! You look gorgeous in these pictures.

    1. Right?! That commercial kills me lol! Thanks babe! xoxo