CAT EYE HACK! Fool Proof Tutorial!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

I've loved the look of cat eyes for YEARS!  However, i have terrible eye allergies which keep me from reaching for my favorite liquid liner pens.  It's so frustrating to end up with a smeared mess after all that work.  Besides, is it me or is it essentially impossible to get an even line on both eyes!  Ugh!  Well, i've discovered a way to create a cat eye that won't smear and is basically fool proof!  Trust me, you can do this with your eyes closed.... you're welcome! Here's how!

Take a creamy, long lasting, smudge proof pencil liner (i personally LOVE Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pen and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes which you might be able to tell by the size of my pencils in the picture below).  These are my everyday go-to situation and i go through them like nobody's business! Line your upper lash line as thick or thin as you'd like your line to be bringing it only to the corner of your eyes.  Don't create your wing just yet.  You don't have to create a perfect line, just be sure to cover the area.  Then, using a skinny, flat angled brush (i love this IT Cosmetics option - i have two because it also makes for a perfect eyebrow brush) go over the line you just created and smooth it out.  This way the brush grabs the product and then you can swipe outwards to create your wing.  That's essentially it!  I rarely mess up when using this method of application. You can go over your liner as often as necessary to perfect the wing.  I also like to use these pointy q-tips to clean out any edges that need thinning.  The wonderful thing about this type of winged liner is that A, it's super easy to apply, and B these types of liners are smudge and water proof so once it sets, it won't smear! Can i get an amen?!  I created a quick video tutorial for instagram which i'm posting here as well to give you a better visual.  I'm also listing all the products i've used on my face for this look.  I hope this helps, especially with New Year's Even fast approaching!

Products I Used

Laura Geller The Audrey, The Sophia and The Marilyn Palettes (can't put these down, they're SO GOOD!)

Enjoy this little video tutorial and i hope you have the most AMAZING New Year!  Cheers! 

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM



  1. It sounds easy, but when I try, it turns into a big mess !!!

    Happy New Year!!!


    1. Awww i have no doubt that this method will make things a little easier! Promise!! xoxoxo

  2. Interesting post:) I wish you a champagne New Year's party:)!