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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I've always been in tune with my zen side.  I attribute this to my daddy who practiced yoga all his life and often frequented all natural shops for herbal teas and specialty breads.  I too enjoy yoga, meditating and parading the aisles of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!  As a beauty blogger, i spend ample time browsing the natural beauty section of these supermarkets because i love discovering new products.  Well, i was recently introduced to Sky Organics and felt immediately drawn to the array of natural beauty products on this site!  I get that same feeling of intrigue and excitement as when i browse Whole Foods and Trader Joe's beauty section without having the need to set foot outside my house! Best feeling ever!

For today's post, i wanted to highlight a few products that i've been incorporating into my skincare routine and loving!   First, i've been using coconut oil for years!  Coconut oil has such a wide range of benefits that it's almost impossible to ignore this natural beauty!  I love to cook with this flavorful ingredient because aside from tasting delicious, it's also packed with antioxidants!  However, i keep a jar in my bathroom, one on my nightstand and one in my 'makeup room'!  Why you ask?  Well, let's chat about that shall we?

First, Coconut oil is full of Lauric Acid which improves the overall appearance of hair and scalp!  I apply it on my dry strands and it instantly provides shine and hydration.  One of my favorite ways to use coconut oil is on my extremely dry hands!  I wash my hands constantly and it takes such a toll on my skin, particularly this time of year.  I always apply a little coconut oil on my dry skin and it helps to heal and soothe it.  I also love to apply a generous amount on my hands and cover them with gloves for a few minutes to help heal my cracked skin when it's severely dry!  You can also use this on other parts of your body such as your elbows, cuticles and heels! Oh and did you know you can use it as a deodorant?  Oh yes... skip all those harmful chemicals and go straight for the coconut oil! While there are a ton more uses, one last one that i personally enjoy is creating my own scrubs!  Just add a little sugar and voila!  This works especially well on lips!  Seriously, if you haven't used Coconut Oil in a multitude of ways, you simply must check this beauty out!

One product i've been loving is the Organic Jojoba Oil Pure & Cold Pressed for hair and skin! It's just so different from anything i've ever tried before.  Interestingly enough, the skin on my heels has been quite rough lately which is odd for me in this time of year.  Typically, i get dry skin on my feet in the Summer time but for whatever reason it's happening now.  This oil has done WONDERS for the skin on the heels of my feet!  Wow, it's so hydrating but doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or uncomfortable.  It locks in moisture for extended periods of time making it a perfect Winter BFF! Works beautifully on hands too!  Oh you can also use it to deep cleanse your skin and prevent acne! This is a definite beauty must-have for me personally right now!

Lastly, i've loved all natural lavender since i could remember.   This scent truly relaxes me and helps calm my soul even on the most chaotic days!  Lavender Oil is mostly known for its therapeutic effects on the nervous system.  It helps ease anxiety naturally.  Because Lavender Oil affects both your physiological and psychological well-being, it is effective at relieving you from headaches or menstrual cramps!  I have yet to put that to the test but fully plan to!  While i've been enjoying this beauty for quite some time now, i just recently learned that it can also be used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or natural insect repellant (thank you LAWD because i hate the smell of tea tree oil)! Pssst... dab a little under your nose before bedtime and enjoy those zzzzzzzzz's!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM 

*press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with these products.