Lashes and Faux Fur

Monday, February 20, 2017

I may be getting a little older but I'll always be young at heart!  There are certain touches that just make an outfit shine don't you think?  For instance, as a beauty lover, i was instantly drawn to this sweet 'lips and lashes' t-shirt.  It's so feminine and adds a little element of fun to your overall look! I've styled it with jeans here but you can certainly pair it with a skirt, shorts, leggings and long cardi etc.  I know i have so many beauty loving friends (hey girl hey) in my life that would love to find a gem like this so I'm hoping this post brings a smile to their faces!

Equally as fun is a great faux fur jacket!  I have such a weak spot for anything faux fur (Jersey girl's gotta represent ya know?!).  In fact, i was tempted to pick up this jacket in emerald green... i still might but decided to opt for this one instead.  I actually have a funny story about this jacket.  Last weekend, the hubby and i went out to dinner for a friend's birthday.  Well, i got dressed and decided this would be a fun jacket to wear for a night out.  Well, hubs looked at me and said, 'You're going in that?!, not quite the reaction i hoped for... so i opted for a more 'subtle' look and switched to my leopard print coat (hehe... hello did i mention i was from Jersey?!)  Still, i love this jacket and will definitely get quite a bit of use out of it (sorry hubs) because it's just so feminine and sweet!  Wonder what he would say about the emerald green version (insert thinking face emoji)?!

Lastly i finally broke out my almost as pretty as the Gucci shoes! These are obviously way more affordable and look equally stylish paired with jeans, a dainty dress or slacks!  I'm loving them so much and can't wait to get more use out of them!  As for accessories... i decided to keep things simple considering my overstated faux fur jacket!  The clutch was in this month's Popsugar Must Have Box and is from Tribe Alive!  You can purchase it here but i was thrilled to see it in my box!  The heart ring is from here and i love it!

The important thing to remember is to have fun with your wardrobe!  It's fun to add a few pieces that are quirky and allow you to express yourself in a way that makes you happy.  These are pieces you don't necessarily want to spend too much money one but just add a little bit of happiness to your otherwise everyday routine.  Hope you enjoyed today's post! xoxo, Carla - FMM

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