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Monday, October 3, 2016

We all have our little routines and rituals right?  Well, one of the things i like to do is air dry my hair for a multitude of reasons. First, it's healthier than using constant heat.  Second, i have no patience for my hair and third, it's naturally curly so air drying is the best way to maintain my healthy curls.  The thing is, I'm often so busy that i don't have time to wash my hair until later on in the evening which puts me in a predicament during this time of the year when the weather is cooling down.  Sleeping directly on my pillow with wet hair is no good!  This is why a good hair turban makes all the difference in the world.  After washing, i apply my favorite products and wrap my hair in this Earth Therapeutics Quick-Dry Hair Turban made from angel-tex which absorbs excess moisture quicker than ordinary fabrics.  The button closure helps keep hair in tact while you sleep!  Honestly, this is such a time saving tool for me that helps keep my hair healthy and my curls bouncy!  It's machine washable and can easily be tossed in your travel bag unlike big hair driers and other hair tools!

Another one of my nightly rituals is this little pillow mist!  Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Pillow Mist makes dozing off so much dreamier! A few spritz of this beauty on my pillow and it feels as though I'm at my favorite spa.  I simply close my eyes and reflect on the day.  This pure blend of essential oils, herbs and botanicals enhances the restorative effects of rest and meditation.  However, you can actually bring this anywhere with you!  Think work... you know, during the height of your stresses, simply spritz 3 to 4 times on the floor beneath your chair, then breathe in the aroma for a little slice of heaven throughout the day!  Smells heavenly!

So now that I've shared some of my little rituals, what are some of yours? I'd love to hear what you love to do to pamper yourself!  Hope you're all enjoying your week!  Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*press sample - all opinions are my own!

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