GRWM NYFW - Pacifica Muse Round 3

Monday, September 19, 2016

I was born with a mascara wand in one hand and a fashion magazine in the other.  So naturally, one of my greatest dreams has always been to attend a show at NY Fashion Week.  Well, my dream has finally come to fruition!  Last week, i attended the Sherri Hill show in NYC and it was uhhhhmazing! I wanted to share this experience with you because i had a blast preparing for this fun event. Coincidentally, my challenge for the Top 15 Round 3 in the Pacifica Muse Contest entailed creating a full look inspired by a show at NY or Paris Fashion Week!  Since i was already preparing to attend the Sheri Hill show i figured I'd simply document the process.  So here it is...

First, i needed something special to wear.  Sheri Hill is an evening wear designer so i kept that in mind while searching. I honestly wasn't looking for a 'little black dress' at all because i initially wanted my outfit to be fun and bright.  Then i spotted this dress.... honestly, i normally wouldn't even look twice at this sort of style because i just couldn't imagine it looking good on me.  But i gave it a chance and tried it on.  I fell instantly in love and decided that this was a great choice for this show. Besides, after losing so much weight, i felt that this was a great piece to add as i slowly rebuild my wardrobe.  The lace cap sleeves were feminine and whimsical, the pleats added a bit of interest and i loved the knee length.  Most importantly, it's a very comfortable wear! As for accessories, i went with this bag and these shoes!  Oh and these earrings are my new faves!  They were both really affordable yet looked quite high end!

OK so now that i found the perfect dress, i needed to think about hair and makeup.  I actually contemplated three different hair styles.  One of the looks i created i will be posting a video tutorial on shortly.  It involves braids and is a fun look.  However, i opted to keep my hair in a low side pony tail.  I didn't want it to be overly neat for a bit of edge.  Since this was a challenge for Pacifica, i used their products to create a gorgeous smoky eye and nude lip.  You can check out the video's description for a detailed description of the products i used.

The show was dreamy.  We saw a few celebrities too!  First, Miss America, Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA all walked in the show.  Candace Cameron Bure (D from Full House) was there because her gorgeous daughter walked in the show.  I had a major fan girl moment and may have frightened her a bit haha... OK I'm exaggerating but it was pretty funny!  Ki  Zolciak from RHOA sat in front of us with her daughter.  You might spot her wig in many of my photos! Some of the USA Gold Medal Gymnasts were there as well.  Overall, it was an incredibly fun night . I'm so grateful for these amazing experiences!   have to believe that this is only the beginning...

You can watch my video entry for Round 3 of the Pacifica Muse contest here.

So the videos go live on the Pacifica Muse site today.  Please take a moment to vote for me!  It would be so dreamy to actually make it to the Top 5!  Your support is very much appreciated! You can vote here several times a day.

Thank you so much for coming along on such a fun experience!  I hope you enjoyed this post!  Xo, Carla - FMM


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