Glossier Phase 2 Set

Monday, March 28, 2016

I've been a fan of Glossier's BalmDotCom Coconut since its release.  This favorite of mine was sold out for quite some time so when Glossier restocked, i did too!  I keep one on my night stand, one on my vanity and one in my makeup pouch because i simply could not live without it!  When Glossier branched out into makeup, i simply knew i needed to get my hands on the products.  The Glossier Phase 2 Set includes a concealer, lip stain and brow product.  These makeup staples are the perfect go-to products for when you just want a quick, easy, natural look to get you out the door! So are they worth the hype?  Lets chat...

You all know i'm an IT Girl when it comes to concealer right?  I've tried many concealers in my lifetime and nothing really compares to Bye Bye Under Eye so needless to say, Glossier's Stretch Concealer had big shoes to fill. I will say that i was pleasantly surprised with this product.  It provides amazing coverage and is quite hydrating.  It glides on easily under the eyes and once you set it, it pretty much stays put.  The formula is creamy and leaves skin looking very natural.  If you prefer a matte finish, simply set it with your favorite setting powder.  I find that this concealer works best for me when i set it because of my fine lines.  It does crease a bit without setting for me.  (My shade is Medium)

The Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick is easily the standout from the collection in my personal opinion.  This lippie applies and feels like a balm yet has the stay power of a stain.  The color payoff is on point while still managing to look natural and beautiful. I opted for the shade Jam which is a gorgeous deep berry and i absolutely love it!  In fact, i need the rest of the collection stat! Trust me when i tell you, this is going to be the lippie you never want to put down!

The Boy Brow has easily become one of Glossier's best selling product.  People are raving and for a good reason.  Admittedly i've never been a fan of this type of product because i have such sparse brows that brow gels are simply not enough.  Boy Brow however gave me a very natural looking brow and really filled in all my bald spots nicely.  It takes a little getting used to for me personally to use a product like this but i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked it.  I can see it being a major asset to those with fuller brows because it fills in and tames beautifully!

Glossier's Phase 2 is a must in my opinion!  The products are beautiful and really speak to the brands' simplicity and beauty.  If you pick this beauty up, be sure to stock up on the BalmDotCom Coconut... you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM


  1. I LOVE the phase 2 set so much! My favorite is the concealer and the generation G lippies, oh and the boy brow. Okay I love it all!

  2. I'm dying to try their products. I think I'll have to resort to having someone from the States just send them over. They sound fantastic.