The Lab Room

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hubby and I took a quick trip to Miami at the end of October because he's a die hard Miami Dolphins fan and wanted to see a game.  I on the other hand am a die hard Miami fan and never ever pass up an opportunity to go... even if it means ahem football! He booked us at the Hotel Croydon  in Miami Beach which is  the sweetest little boutique hotel.  I loved everything about our stay!  We traveled with a two other couples and had so much fun during our short getaway.  After a few cocktails at the hotel bar, my friend Nicole and I decided to go check out the hotel shop.  Wanderlista was nothing like your typical hotel store.  In fact, i quickly fell in love with its unique pieces beautifully crafted by local designers.  I fell even more in love with their selection of niche brands and products. While browsing, my friend Nicole struck up a conversation with Ali (the store manager) and told her about my blog.  I immediately tried to detour the conversation out of sheer embarrassment but it turns out, Ali loved that i wrote a beauty blog wanted to know more and more about all of my skincare and make up faves.  We had quite a lovely beauty chat (my favorite subject of course).  We then left because we had dinner reservations but i couldn't stop thinking of all the super cool things I'd seen at that store!  The following day, when we returned to the hotel, i was greeted with the sweetest delivery! A tote bag with a couple of  The Lab Room products for me to try along with the loveliest note!  I was so touched by the Wanderlista's generosity!

I was most excited to try out The Lab Room's Facial Radiance Serum!  Seriously, this serum was love at first sniff for me!  It gave me life!  Applying this on my skin was a complete feast for my senses. I'm not sure if it's because i was exhausted after a very long day but this product felt like a little bit of heaven.  I immediately picked up on the possibility that while i knew nothing about this brand, i knew that they intended this product to not only be amazing for my skin but for my mind and soul. The Lab Room's Facial Radiance Serum combines the appeal of aromatherapy into their skincare with the precise intention to make its customer feel as if the products are in a sense a true spa like experience. I have been wearing this serum religiously everyday and my skin looks and feels radiant! It's incredibly hydrating.  It feels like an oil when you apply it on the skin but dries quickly and doesn't leave you feeling like a greasy mess.  Best part, since i apply this serum at night, its aromatherapy properties help me sleep like a baby. I later learned that The Lab Room is a Spanish skincare line that is not easily found here in the States. Lucky for you (and me), Wanderlista has an online store (thank you Lawd), because i know i can now easily replenish this amazing product!  I can't wait to add to my Lab Room Collection because if the rest of the products are anything like this one... I'll need to purchase the entire store! 

By the way, i also tried The Lab Room's eyebrow pencil and LOVED it!  It applies very smoothly and looks super natural.  It filled in my brows beautifully.  On a non-skincare note... i fell in love with this glove and now that i know i can purchase it online... this baby is MINE! Except that now i saw this one and this one and i want them all!!!!  Decisions decisions!  Seriously you guys, check out this gorgeous online store and better yet, if you're in Miami, you MUST visit this little gem!  You'll fall instantly in love as i did!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM