Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour - Bengali

Monday, November 9, 2015

When Christian Louboutin released his signature red nail polish, the beauty lover in me simply could not resist getting my hands on it.  Sure it was quite a pricey fete but truthfully, to me, it was more than just a nail polish.  To me it was more like a piece of art.  The bottle is so sleek and unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  The quality of the nail polish is insanely good!  One coat is all you need and your nails will shine for miles!  One would hope so at a hefty $50!  Naturally, when Mr. Louboutin released a line of lippies, I was certainly first in line! Yes, I know... I'm crazy!  I get it... the price tag is slightly... OK super insane!  But it's my job as a beauty blogger to keep my readers informed right?  After all, you rely on us to test products out and let you know if they're worth the splurge so here it goes!  First, lets chat packaging.  So I have a love hate relationship with the packaging on these lipsticks.  Yes, they're very sturdy and luxurious... but they're borderline tacky in my opinion.  They come housed in a black box with a red velvet interior which oddly reminds me a bit of a coffin... eek, how's that for a visual! Sorry Louboutin but it's all just too much!  The lipstick has a sheer ribbon attached suggesting you can wear it as a necklace.  Truthfully, i think the concept is brilliant. The execution however, not so much!  I will say i prefer this gold packaging over the black.  If you're Louboutin and you want me to wear your lipstick as a necklace, can you at least provide some sort of actual chain necklace to attach to the lipstick rather than a ribbon i would use to wrap gifts with?  I'm just sayin... Think of how cool it would be to actually wear your Louboutin lipstick as a necklace, not to mention convenient.

OK i think you know how i feel about the packaging... the formula however is AMAZING! If you know me you know i love bold matte lips!  Give me reds, berries and wines and I'm a happy girl! When i spotted Louboutin's Velvette Matte option in Bengali, i knew that it was definitely going to be my new lip situation!  Now, if you love matte lippies as much as i do, you know that many times they're not the most comfortable options.  You just wear them because they look amazing but most of the time you're itching to wipe it all off!  Well, that will not be the case with this beauty.  The formula is creamy and super long wearing.  I absolutely adore this happy berry hue!  It's such a major bonus knowing that i don't have to reapply every few hours.  This lippie will stay put for quite some time.

Overall, while the packaging is a bit disappointing, the formula is simply perfect!  Is it worth the splurge?  Do you have to have it?  Yes and no... it's too pricey to say you have to have it.  You don't... and quite honestly, there are plenty of more affordable options that will look just as amazing.  But if you're a beauty enthusiast like myself, you know you'll have to add this to your virtual shopping cart because... well, it's LOUBOUTIN!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM