DIY Wall Art

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last month i decided to revamp my guest room aka my 'make-up room'. I got rid of our old desk and replaced it with a couple more Alex Drawers from Ikea with a glossy white table top.  This made such a difference for my work space because the set of wide Alex drawers i had were stuffed full and i was in desperate need of extra space.  I knew I'd wanted to add some fun wall art above my new vanity but didn't want to spend a whole ton of money on the project because lets face it... prints can get expensive!  So i decided to take matters into my own hands!  I thought about a few fun quotes that i might want to incorporate into my wall art and definitely had a color scheme in mind!  I wanted a coral pink, gold, white frames and a bit of sparkle without making it too over the top.  For this project i went to my local Michael's Arts and Crafts store and walked up and down various aisle in search of inspiration.  I wound up with a few sheets of coral/pink scrapbooking paper, white card stock, a sheet of really pretty sparkly paper drenched with the word 'love' and two other sparkly card stock papers (one pink and one speckle with silver and gold).   I also picked up a set of large, metallic gold stick on letters.  Then i went to Target and purchased a few 8x10 white Room Essentials Frames as well as some 4x4 frame also from Room Essentials which were incredibly affordable.  When i got home, i began to play!  I traced a couple of hearts and layered them against a sparkly background and vice versa.  When i settled on a look i began figuring out a way to make the hearts cohesive. Next, i began placing the gold metallic letters strategically on the 8x10 paper to create some cheeky quotes. Lastly, for the one square frame left, i thought it'd be fun to create a kiss art print!  I simply put on some lipstick, kissed a piece of white paper and inserted into the frame... easy!  I was so proud of the way my wall art turned out!  So fun and super affordable!  Anyone can do this... just use your imagination and go go go!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM


  1. Ahhh so pretty! I love working in a new and beautiful space...somehow my writing always gets better.

  2. omg what a great idea! i'm def gonna try this. thanks for the inspo!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away