Colour Pop Haul

Monday, July 27, 2015

Colour Pop Cosmetics seems to be all the rave these days!  I've seen countless hauls of these generously priced beauties and while makeup is always enticing to me, i just never got around to really give these a go... until now.  I finally caved and placed my first order!  I'll be honest, it was quite difficult to keep my order small being that i wanted to try the products first before committing to a huge haul.  The selection is wonderful and quite overwhelming but after much thought, i ordered the following:

Lippie in Frida
Lippie Pencil in Frida
Eyeshadow in Nillionaire
Eyeshadow in Bill
Blush in Get Leid
Highlighter in Stole the Show

Before i get into my thoughts on each specific product, i want to chat about my swatching experience! These eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters feel so different from anything i've ever experienced!  When you swatch these products, you expect a powdery feel... instead, they feel like a mixture of powder and cream.  If you've ever tried the Maybelline Bouncy Blush, the texture is very similar!  Honestly, they feel amazing and the color payoff is insane for products that cost so little!

OK so lets chat about each product!  The first products i swatched were the lippies.  I chose the color Frida for various reasons.  First, it looked like the most gorgeous neutral... a mixture of peach, pink, beige and coral if that makes any sense!  Seriously, i don't think i could pick a more perfect nude if i tried.  When i placed my order i wasn't sure if i should order the lippie and lip pencil but i'm so glad that i did because the color, although very very similar, is slightly different.  This is perhaps to give the lips a bit more definition when paired together. The color is matte and applies so smoothly.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is possibly the most comfortable matte lipstick i've ever tried!  I wore it out for a day of shopping the other day and was shocked to notice that this baby did not budge... not even after eating! I think i have a new addiction!  I will most certainly be placing another order very very soon! Wow... WOW!  It's also noteworthy that this lippie was created as a collaboration with YouTuber Coffee Break With Dani.  I was actually living in a bubble and didn't really know of her until i stumbled upon a video.  She's so bubbly and super fun to watch! Definitely check her out if you haven't already!

The other star of my order was most certainly the eyeshadow in Nillionaire!  Oh Em Geeeeee!  I used to think Urban Decay's Diamond Dog was the world's most beautiful shadow but i have to say that DD has some competition with this beauty!  Holy gorgeousness!  This color is best described as a warm bronze with tons of gold and multi colored glitter in a metallic finish.  I promise this shadow will blow you away.  The first swatch had me all oooohing and ahhhhing!  And listen, i realize i'm no longer in my teens but this color is definitely wearable!  I pair with a matte crease color and i'm good! The eyeshadow in Bill is also very pretty but much more subdued.  Definitely the winner here was Nillionaire!

I wanted to try a blush so badly and had a very difficult time deciding on a color!  I opted for one of Colour Pop's Summer collection colors in Get Leid! It's a bright corally orange.  I was a bit concerned that it might be too bright but i thought it might be fun for summer paired with a good bronzer. I think i made the right choice because i loved it paired with my Friday lippies! The two really complimented each other! And the texture is everything though i think i've already mentioned that once or twice!

Lastly, the highlighter in Stole the Show.  Ok so when i swatched it i loved the intensity!  I mean it's really gorgeous!  However, i didn't love it as a highlighter.  It's a bit more glittery than i prefer. However, this beauty makes a gorgeous shadow!  Like really gorgeous!  I love to wear it on my lids. It also does a beautiful job highlighting my brow bone!  Thankfully, i still get plenty of use out of it so no loss here!

I completely understand the hype now!  Seriously, i want more lippies and shadows stat!  I am baffled by the price point - think $5 for lippies and shadows!  Whaaat? Do you know what this means?  I can buy MORE!  Shhhh just don't tell the hubby!  Oh and the personalized note is a super sweet touch! So lets chat... have you tried Colour Pop Cosmetics?  What are your recomendations?  Do tell!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM


  1. you are always so beautiful..
    amazing colors

    1. You're always so sweet! Thank you... as are you! xoxox

  2. i love colour pop!! i have quite a few of their lippies and really am impressed by the pigmentation and staying power for their price point!!

    1. It really is Diane! I just placed my second order and can't wait for it to arrive today!!! xoxo

  3. I just received my first Colour Pop order but only got a few eye shadows. I love them! This lip color is gorgeous. The color looks so pretty on you. :)

    1. You definitely need to check out their lippies! They'll blow you away! So good! Thanks! xoxo