Hungarian BEAUTY TIPS from Celebrity Facialist Ildi Pekar

Monday, March 2, 2015

Facialist to ALL the supermodels (Miranda Kerr and Lindsay Ellingson) Hungarian facialist, Ildi Pekar has put together some ancient, Hungarian Skincare tips together…perfect for your skin for spring/summer-

Hungarians are known for their healing hands (Ildi has the best in the biz!) In Hungry,  they are taught special techniques and massages for a healing touch on your skin and body which is why they prefer to apply medicine and products by hand rather than a brush applicator.

A few methods include:

·         The Hungarian tapping treatment on the skin is best known for an all natural lifting effect. It also helps to drain out toxins and reduce puffiness in the skin creating a pleasant appearance.
·         Hungarians love to soothe the skin and always incorporate different healing medicines for the skin. Instead of using water to steam the skin, they use chamomile. They also combine a massage technique during the steaming to enhance the effectiveness of the herb . This also helps with mental relaxation for the restless and stressful days.
·         To naturally sanitize the skin and tighten pores, Hungarians use a electric stimulating machine. This helps to prevent breakouts and keep skin flawless.—Ildi uses this technique for many of her top-quality clients!
Also for fabulous skin,  The FAMED Hungarian Paprika Mask—a DIY APPROACH!
-  2 pinches of paprika powder
-  1 tsp honey
-    ¼ of a banana
Mix it together and apply to skin. Rinse with cold water. In Hungary, the most famous mask is the paprika mask. It is great created with natural stimulants to boost skin circulation and metabolism. In Hungary, they utilize different herbs for different skin care issues to help heal it organically.

Ildi also has her AMAZING and NEW I.PEKAR collection, made with 100% Raw Honey available.

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

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