Monday, February 9, 2015

I recently received a package from Kushyfoot with some amazing products!  As i tested these beauties out, i realized that my legs and feet would have been much happier had i brought it all with me on my recent trip to Paris. While that didn't happen for obvious reasons, i will consider this a lesson learned.  Flats to Go are the most brilliant invention... ever!  Really!  Think about all those days you've worn your favorite heels that look gorge yet pinch your feel horribly!  Don't you wish you had these sweet little leopard print (hey this Jersey girl's gotta represent) flats to go neatly tucked in your bag?  I can think of plenty of situations where i could have easily paid a million dollars for a pair of these out of pure despair (hypothetically speaking of course but you get the idea).  Well, now that these babies are mine, i will never ever leave home without them.  I have a few upcoming parties and know that these will be my best friend after a long night of dancing! Thanks Kushyfoot!

Have you ever struggled with your trouser socks?  You know, the band is too tight and hurts after a few hours, or you end up with one or both sliding down etc? Well the struggle is no longer real because it's over with Kushyfoot's variety of trouser socks!  First, lets chat about the fact that they massage your feet!  Whaaaat?  No seriously, Their socks are created with a reflexology type technology that essentially massage your feet with every step.  I've tested these and know that they feel amazing on my feet!  Honestly, i love the fit too.  The band is so comfy and does not ride down. Their fishnet style is so fun and i love that you'll never get your toes stuck between the netting because of their reinforced toes!  The best part? The lightly graduated compression helps improve circulation which I've always struggled with so this is a major bonus for me!   The Microfiber Crew socks are incredibly innovative as well.  They're designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day making these ideal for the office or a day of sightseeing.  The zigzag sole protects the ball of your foot which is nice because for me, that's the part that always hurts first!

Kushyfoot has an amazing array of products that are innovative, life changing in some situations and completely affordable!  Definitely go check them out!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with these products.