Vogue Air Airbrush System

Monday, December 8, 2014

Airbrushing Systems can be quite intimidating to the average consumer.  I remember when my Temptu Airbrush system arrived, i actually let it sit in the box for several days before working up the nerve to try it.  Once i did, however, i was hooked!  I mean, this is as close to a flawless application as you're gonna get! And while they can be quite intimidating, they're actually way more user friendly than i initially anticipated.  User friendly, yes... but not always budget friendly. I absolutely adore my Temptu system but realize it's pricey, particularly when you factor in the individual pods you'll need to use with your machine.  So when The Salon Outlet sent over their budget friendly Vogue Air Airbrush System, i was curious to see if it lived up to the standards of my beloved Temptu.

Size wise, they're pretty comparable and light weight.  Aesthetically, it's not as pretty though they do have a cute heart shaped option if you want a prettier version of this system.  Initially, i was a bit intimidated by all the pieces that this kit came with, although once i began piecing it together, it all sort of just made sense.  Unlike the Temptu, you can actually use your own foundation with the Vogue Air system which is nice.  Simply pour a few drops of your favorite foundation into the fluid cup, turn the machine on, adjust the air flow speed (you'll have a wide range making it easy to adjust for better precision), press the nozzle and apply.  It's that simple!  Oh and can i tell you? A few drops of foundation is all you need.  I couldn't believe how little i actually needed to use which is a major bonus considering i thought I'd go through foundation like nobody's business with this machine. I was so glad to learn that wasn't the case.

Overall, i think this is a great value. If you have the money, splurge on the Temptu but be ready to commit to their own foundation, blushes and highlighters.  If you're on a budget, the Vogue Air System is an absolute must!  This beauty will only set you back $69.99 and will do just as good of a job.  Best part in my opinion? You can use your own makeup! Score!  I'd say it makes a wonderful holiday gift too!

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Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

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  1. I have never tried an airbrush but I like that with this one you can use any foundation you want!