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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Festive Holiday loose Fishtail Updo -in 15 minutes flat! By ECRU NY

1.       Simply section off hair into two parts, gathering top of the side of hair, gather into a pony tail
2.       Section off  the two other bottom sections of your hair into  pony tails, secure with an elastic
3.       Begin braiding sectioned off pieces into fishtail braid (see below on how to get a fishtail )Use ECRU Silk Texturizing Balm to keep hair in place
4.       Then take top section and begin a third  fishtail braid
5.       For the fish tail--Split into two sections, bring sections left, and right not intertwining, like a three strand braid, taking a little off and bringing over braid) if not familiar with a fishtail you can use a three strand braid
6.       Make all three sections into fishtails, then pull apart braid, outer edges to make look “messy and rustic”  do this to every braid.
7.       Finally spray with ECRU Sunlight Styling Spray Max and pin all three braid on top of hair  with bobby pins
8.       To finish leave top of hair on head loose, and adding the pouf by doing a  French braided finish (to do this cross over each side -left to right- to make a proper pouf!) and you are done!

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Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Xoxo, Carla - FMM

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