Revive Light Therapy

Monday, August 11, 2014

I love beauty gadgets!  So when a new one launches, i simply have to get my hands on it.  When the Revive Light Therapy system arrived at my doorstep, i couldn't wait to put it to the test!  After all, it promises to reduce fine lines (yay), as well as pain and acne?!  Yes please!  The treatments are quite simple and pain free which is always a good thing considering many options out there aren't! Basically, there are three head attachments available for this system and each one targets a specific area of concern.  The red head attachment treats pain, the purple is for anti-aging treatments and the blue treats acne.  Acne is not exactly one area i have many concerns with (thankfully), so in all honesty, i didn't get to test this one out.  However, i decided to use the red light on my knees. I've dealt with knee pain for as long as i could remember.  I've been to countless doctors and have had cortisone injections to no avail.  Apparently, my problem is structural/hereditary.  My knee caps point outwards and wear away at the cartilage.  I figured I'd try the light on my knees and see if it helps at all.  After a few treatments, i actually felt a bit of relief going up and down the stairs. I'm attributing this to the Revive Light Therapy simply because i haven't done anything different since beginning treatment.

The anti-aging feature is pretty great too.  I have been using it on the fine lines around my lips and am hopeful that with continued use I'll begin seeing some changes.  I try and take really good care of my skin in general so this is beauty is certainly a welcome addition.  As for acne, like i said, i don't typically suffer from breakouts though they certainly happen from time to time.  When the time comes, I'll know exactly what to reach for.  I will keep you posted!

Overall the Revive Light Therapy system is easy to use.  Treatment times range anywhere from 3-20 minutes depending on what you're treating.  You simply place this beauty against the portion of skin you're treating and that's it.  At the three minute mark, a fan will turn on to ensure the machine doesn't over heat.  This is will happen no matter the length of your treatment.  In general, the light never gets hot and is very easy, comfortable and most importantly... safe to use!

Wanna purchase this beauty?  It's conveniently available at Target!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*Press Sample - all opinions are mine based on my experience with this product. 


  1. Oh this sounds like a really interesting product! I will need to look into this.

  2. This is really a fantastic LED light therapy device! You can also get it at :)
    I use the anti-aging head and have compared it to a number of other light therapy devices. It has really high-quality LEDs and a large head, larger than most handheld devices. You had mentioned that you are trying it on you lips, give it time; consistency is really vital in order to obtain impressive results :)

  3. Great post thank you! I am going to buy this!