Beauty Tools I Cannot Live Without!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Beauty Tools I Cannot Live Without!
Like every other beauty lover out there, i have a few favorite tools that i reach for just about every single day!  These are the tools that i simply couldn't imagine going through life without so i figured it was time to share them with you!  Check them out!

Ahhhh the Beauty Blender!  I'm not gonna lie, i actually owned one for well over a year before i decided to actually try it.  I know, crazy right?!  But i was so used to my brushes that i simply couldn't imagine anything else being better than what i already had!  I was wrong!  The day i decided to put my Beauty Blender to the test i realized my foundation application was forever changed!  Wow, not a single streak!  Nothing applies/blends better than this beauty!  Oh and don't be fooled by impostors, if it ain't the real thing... skip it!  I now own a plethora of these and always feel as though i need MORE! 

I've been using Tweezerman tweezers since i was a teenager!  I find that they are precise, work wonders and love that they now come in super cute colors and styles!  I totally want the rhinestone covered tweezers because who doesn't love a blinged out set of tweezers in their life?! The day i became a tweezerman ambassador, i shed a tear or two because this is a brand I've trusted for years!  When they introduced me to their GORGEOUS Rose Gold Eye Lash Curler, it instantly became my new favorite lash tool.  I assure you that there isn't a day that i don't put this beauty to good use!  I adore it!  Thank you Tweezerman!

I get asked about my curls all the time!  While yes, my hair is naturally wavy/thick/curly... i do rely on one particular curling wand that has rocked my world for almost two years!  I've been obsessed with my NuMe Pearl Curling Wand since the day i purchased it!  This beauty gives me the most gorgeous curls!  When you wrap your hair around the wand's pearls, it will instantly give you the most beautiful waves and curls in various dimensions.  I  noticed that since i cut my hair in an angled bob, i reach for this baby more and more!  The thing is, now that my hair is shorter, i often let it air dry.  This wand is essentially my finishing touch to help me define my curls!  I'm obsessed!   Oh and you can watch my video tutorial here (if you like the video, please subscribe to my youtube channel)! 

The hair dryer you select makes a huge difference on your blowout!  Trust me!  I thought my hair dryer was perfectly fine until i met this Elchim beauty!  My mom and sister gifted it to me on mother's day a couple of years ago and OH EM GEEEEE my drying time was easily cut in half!  This is a professional grade hair dryer but it's completely worth every single penny!  I can also attest to the fact that my hand, wrist and arm are also very grateful for this beauty!

Lastly, i could not get through this post without discussing my beloved Clarisonic Mia!  This beauty is a skincare game changer!  Trust me, you have not properly washed your face until you use this amazing skincare tool!  I keep mine in the shower to ensure i use it every single day!  Read more about this here!

While i have a lot more that i could write about, i wanted to truly focus on the few tools that have seriously rocked my world!  I reach for these just about everyday and just felt the need to shout them out to the world!  Hey, when i love something... i have to share it with my favorite readers ever!  You guys!!!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM