Salma Hayek Nuance

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Who knew... an actress i so admire, Salma Hayek, now has an extensive collection of makeup, body, skin and hair care!  Yes, you read correctly!  Her gorgeous line, currently available exclusively at CVS, is filled with wonderfully affordable products that will have you instantly smitten!  I've recently had the pleasure of trying some of these beauties and wanted to share with you some of my faves!

Ever since i got my hair cut, I've gotten my curls back!  While i can still wear my hair straight, it's so refreshing to be able to let it air dry without looking like a brillo pad!  Well, this is partly in thanks to wonderful products like Nuance's Blue Agave Curls and Waves Shampoo/Conditioner! I top my curly look off with Nuance Blue Agave Wave Enhancing Styling Swirl. When i opt to skip my blow drying session, i immediately reach for this awesome trio.  They really help to define my curls and minimize the frizz.  Oh and it smells uhhhhh-mazing.  However, if it's straight that I'm craving,  Nuance has an awesome Straightening Balm that really helps maintain my hair pin straight and smooth!  I also loved the Soy Protein Primer Spray.  I felt that it was a wonderful, lightweight product that truly prepped my hair for styling products and long lasting style. I love that it's formulated with Acai oil and has color-lock technology with UVB absorbers to prevent sun damage!  Lastly, I've been obsessed with hair oils for years!  I love a good product that nourishes my hair and leaves it looking silky and shiny.  Nuance's Healthy Shine Nourishing Oil leaves my hair hydrated and gorgeous.  A little goes a long way!  I love applying this beauty on my ends to seal the final look!

On to Nuance's skincare!  Surely you don't need me nagging you about the importance of cleansing your skin daily right?  Well, a good cleanser doesn't have to break the bank!  Nuance's Age Affirm Glycolic Cream Cleanser will leave your skin squeaky clean and prepped for your skincare ritual.  I keep mine in the shower to ensure that i never go a day without using it!  Another product I'm really enjoying is the Ageless clarity White Clay Treatment Mask!  This beauty helps absorb oil and cleanse pores for clear, healthy-looking skin!  I simply apply it a few minutes before getting in the shower to facilitate the 'washing off' process.  Use this baby weekly for amazing results!

I have to say, i was so impressed with Salma Hayek's hair and skin collection!  I will definitely replenish several of these products!  It's so nice to know that i don't have to spend a lot to find quality products!  Besides, any excuse to visit my local CVS is OK with me!!!  I always find some great beauty options there!  Can't wait to check out Nuance's makeup collection.  It looks quite enticing!  If you've tried and loved any particular Nuance makeup product, I'd love your recommendations!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO, Carla - FMM

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