Fashion Emergency? FMM to the Rescue!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ok we've all had them... fashion emergencies!  You know, like that time during my high school performance of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' where my bustier strap snapped thereby flashing my right boob to the entire audience?  True story!  Or that time when i swiped my favorite pair of shoes against a brick wall and scratched them badly!  Shoe lovers... you feel my pain right?  Well, i recently found the most amazing website that pretty much has a solution for just about every fashion emergency known to man!  Fashion First Aid  changed my life... and my feet!  Can we please talk about their Shoe Done It kit?!  OMG!  I've had a major shoe obsession since i was a little girl.  While my friends concerned themselves with baby dolls and hopscotch, this five year old lived for shoe shopping!  I can remember just about every pair of shoes i had, where i bought them and what the whole experience entailed!  Not much has changed since then except that now, i sometimes opt for shoes that, well... pinch my feet!  But they're SO CUTE that i can't bare to pass them up!  Well, this kit has all kinds of goodies to help your feet feel a little less tortured in all your shoe options!  Even when you're beloved flip flops turn against you, you'll find something in here to help. OR when the perfect flats suddenly become not so perfect and give you a major boo boo on the skin behind your heel?!  You feel me right?  Wunder Cover tatoo and skin shields are my current BFFs! Check out all the life saving things you'll find in this kit:

Heel Seals: adhesive sole savers
Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers
Flatliners: footwear odor killers
Ped Pens: shoe touch-up markers
Sole Glow: clean & shine shoe sponge
Kung Shoe Grip: inside/outside nonslip
WunderCover: tattoo & skin shields Heel of Steel: impenetrable heel shields

Moving on to fashion!  Ladies, here's something you'll never want to be without!  The Fashion First Aid Kit is equipped with all your fashion emergency necessities and fits neatly inside even your tiniest clutch! No pockets?  No problems with Fashion First Aid's Pockies!!! This baby will take care of all your nip slip emergencies too... but it's our little secret!  Here's what you'll get:

1 Pair of beige Garment Guards
12 Pieces of WunderCover (you know how much i love those!)
8 Pieces of Quick Fix Sticks
1 Pocksie
1 Strip of White Collar Grime

Lastly, i've been obsessing over this super useful and at times hilarious book The Dirty Side of Fashion.  First aid expert Kim Castellano offers a modern, interactive workbook covering all kinds of wardrobe malfunction, and takes a lighthearted look at what is literally, The Dirty Side of Fashion.  I have referenced this book on numerous occasions, particularly in a recent attempt to open an all natural jar of peanut butter that spilled oil all over my favorite sweat shirt!  The horror!!!!  Thankfully, this book has an abundance of tips including 4 different fashion-saving products, 10 hanger cards, 32 stickers for machines and clothes, 4 tear-out or punch out charts, QR codes for how-to videos!  Yes, all that and a whole lot of humor!  Every fashion Goddess needs this fashion emergency bible in their pretty little palace!  Trust me!  After all, we invest a lot of money into our wardrobes... so when you take better care of your belongings, you're essentially saving money! 

Who knew all these amazing products even existed right?  These products make great gifts too! Think of the 'bride to be' for instance... i'm sure she would love to have some of these products on hand for the big day right?  I urge you to check out this amazing site for even more fashion emergency solutions!  I'm officially obsessed!  
Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO, Carla - FMM
*press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with these products.

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