It's My Birthday and I'll Eat a Chanel Cupcake if I Want To!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Well... hello everyone!  I'm back!  Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year! I was actually a bit under the weather on New Year's Eve and have taken a few days to recover.  Thankfully I'm feeling healthy again and ready to take on 2014!  Every year begins with a birthday celebration... my own!  Today is the big day... feels good to be 21 again! Haha... ahem.. OK, well, a girl can dream right?  My weekend was just perfect.... had a fabulous dinner out with some of my closest friends.  The celebration continued back at my house where we feasted on wine and Chanel Cupcakes of course!  What better way to celebrate your birthday than with Chanel?!  I have to give a BIG shout out to the Sugar Mama Etsy shop for not only creating these stunning cupcake toppers, but I have to tell you... I emailed her last week asking if she could get this order to me by this weekend and on Thursday, these beauties were at my door step!  Love her! 

I had an amazing 2013 and am looking forward to even greater success for the future of Fashion Maven Mommy.  I have big hopes and dreams and can't wait to see them all come to fruition.  Thank you all for all of your continued support!  I'm kicking off the year with a major giveaway later this week.... just you wait!  I'll give you a little hint.... it comes in a pink box!  Stay tuned! xoxo Carla


  1. happy birthday. the cupcakes are fabulous....