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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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I'm obsessed with wipes!  Makeup wipes, baby wipes and yes... Cottonelle wipes!  I swear they're not just time savers but in actuality they're life savers!  I not only keep them neatly stacked in my powder room but I always carry a 'travel size' version in my purse 'cause you just never know!  Listen, I am a busy mommy of five year old twin girls and I've learned over the years that these little bum beauties can be your best friend in many situations... and boy have I been in some interesting situations!  You know, like the time when your child decides they need to use the potty stat in the most inconvenient of places and the only bathroom available doesn't have a trace of tp!  What's a mommy to do?!  Well, if you're anything like me, you'll reach inside your Hermes... ok, just kidding, you'll reach inside your almost as fabulous as Hermes bag for your life saving Cottonelle wipes right?!   Personally, I like that Cottonelle wipes keep my little twinado's tooshies clean but they also keep me feeling refreshed with every single wipe!  Toilet paper is great and all but not without the aid of these super wipes! No 'one ply' business over here!  After all, you can't neglect your bum... it has feelings too you know! 

While I've been a Cottonelle consumer for years, particularly their wipes, I became an even bigger fan when I came across the most hilarious commercial the other night!  Actress Cherry Healey chats about bums in a most atypical place... a wedding!  Insert giggle here!  Seriously, if you're in need of a good laugh and have a couple of minutes to spare, you must check it out stat!  I love her honesty!  Cherry puts it all into perspective with her bum wisdom!  Whenever someone mentions any sort of 'bathroom situation', we can't help but chuckle.  But let's face it, we all do it right?  Even me... I know... hard to believe but it's true!  OK now get busy and check out this awesome video! 

This post was sponsored by Cottonelle.  All opinions are mine own.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XO Carla - FMM

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