Nume Pearl - Groupon Alert

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am constantly asked how I get my curls!  Well ladies, if you've followed my blog for a while, you'll remember my Nume Pearl post complete with video tutorial.  Well, there is a crazy good groupon for this wand that I simply could not go without telling you!  If you purchase the groupon, this wand will cost you $37.99 (retail value $149.99)!  How great is THAT?!  It expires in three days so act fast!  Enjoy... and you're welcome! xoxo Carla


  1. I'm not a big fan of nume's products. But if it's that cheap it's worth it I guess. I wouldn't ever pay full price. I used a coupon also. I bought one of their top straighteners and it's cheaply made (the buttons stick all the time). It's a pain that the digital setting always sets at 370 instead of the 290 that I use. (Anything over 300 is too damaging for the hair!!). So I always have to gently down push the lower button when I turn it on and hope it doesn't stick. And it's too long and ridiculous and not sturdy (is always falling off my counter because the cord pulls it down, not even taut, drives me nuts). So cheap. Ugh.

    Anyhoo ... that's my 2 cents lol. I wonder if their curling irons are better then!

  2. OH and the digital screen is already caving in a bit. (the plastic is breaking inwards). Ugh.

    Ok rant over. ;)

    1. Oh no!!! Horrible!!! In all honesty I love this wand! So much so I bough another curling wand from NuMe (which cost me a lot of money) and it was horrible! Did nothing for my hair. The pearl however I could not live without... It's that good! So sorry about your experimence 😞