SkinLife - A Must See Beauty Haven!

Monday, October 7, 2013

So on my recent vacation to Portugal which you can read all about here... I had one major beauty mission.  My cousin, a beautiful soul and super talented writer, Sonia who's work you can read about here, suggested I visit SkinLife in Lisbon.  So, I promptly checked them out online, wrote down the address and couldn't wait to check this beauty out for myself!  Skin Life is located in the heart of Ciado, an uber trendy shoppers' paradise in Lisbon.  This store is the perfect marriage of luxury and beauty, nestled on the most perfectly charming cobble stone street.

It took me quite a while to find this beauty, but when I did.... it was like seeing Disney World for the first time.  I starred at it for a while, took a few pictures and proceeded to walk in.  Mind you, it was a hot, muggy day in Lisbon and I looked a bit of a mess.... but sweaty hair and all, I was a woman on a mission with my fancy, shmancy camera in tow!  As I walked in, I literally felt as though I had just walked into a spa!  Patrick, one of the gorgeous owners of this gem, greeted me with the friendliest of smiles.  We chatted for a little while and I politely asked permission to photograph the store to which he eagerly agreed.  SkinLife prides itself on carrying niche brands.  Patrick loves that most of the brands carried in SkinLife are can only be found at his store in the entire country of Portugal!  This is a major plus for SkinLife as it eliminates any possible competition! 

I admired and tested out a million products while on my two hour shopping frenzy here.  Yes, I did rack up quite the bill at the end but who cares!  I knew it would be quite a while before I'd have a chance to visit again so I wanted to be sure that I didn't miss anything!  Patrick was so accommodating.  One of the brands that I was mostly interested in testing and purchasing was Ellis Faas!  This makeup brand makes most of their products in a pen-like form, making them extremely portable and fun!  Now here's the interesting part.... I stocked up on those Ellis Faas pens.... however, it wasn't until I got home and began to twist my first pen to get the product out, that I realized, I already owned an Ellis Faas pen AND repurchased one of the exact same colors that I already owned!  Ha!  You see, upon initial use, you need to twist the pen for quite a while before the product comes out... once it finally does, you're all set!

I honestly fell in love with this store!  It's charming, and filled with everything a beauty junkie like me could possibly want!  Lotions, potions, candles, nail polish, makeup... you name it!  Oh and it doesn't hurt that Patrick is absolutely GORGEOUS and dresses to the nines!  I promise Patrick, next time I go... I'm dressing up just for you! 

Here are some photos of the store as well as my SkinLife haul! 

How amazefestdotcom is the carrying tin for all of my Ellis Faas pens!  Oh and that last empty spot?  No worries, I filled it with the pen I already own! I love that the tin comes with a mirror and space for a makeup sponge... so portable and travel friendly!

If you ever find yourselves in the gorgeous city of Lisbon, Portugal... you must visit this store!  It's an absolute feast for your senses. Thank you Patrick for such a warm welcome and helping me find the perfect Ellis Faas for me!  I can't wait to visit again!  BTW, you can also check out SkinLife on fb here.

I'd love to know if any of my international readers have ever visited this store!  What was your experience like?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO, Carla - FMM