Have You Ever Fallen In Love...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Have you ever fallen in love.... with a pouch?!  Well, I did!  Hear me out... the other day, while browsing through one of my favorite stores Anthropologie, I spotted this Embellished Tapis pouch a mile away.  When I held it in my hands, I fell hard for this charming little beauty.  In all honesty, do I need another makeup pouch?  The logical answer is no!  However, this one was just too precious, unique and darling to leave behind.  It literally spoke to me!  Yes, it spoke to me.. and no, I'm not crazy (though some might argue otherwise after reading this post)!  But seriously, look at it... every detail is perfection!  From the pink champagne tone, to the metallic details, touch of sequins and tassel... it screams 'I'd look so cute in your Rebecca Minkoff, Carla!'  And how could I possibly say no to this pretty little pouch?!  So I did what every other beauty lover would do.... I brought this baby home with me... and cuddled with it... a little

This pouch is currently available at Anthropologie stores and online.  There were a few other patterns that were just as lovely but act fast!  These beauties won't last long! Happy Shopping!  And... you're welcome!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM