Sole Goddess

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

As we transition into our fall wardrobes, one of the most difficult adjustments for me personally is switching out of my comfy sandals and into close toe shoes.  There is nothing worse than the first time you have to squeeze your tootsies back into a pair of Reva flats!  Sorry, I love me some Tory Burch as much as the next girl but all of my Reva flats take some major getting used to!  Especially during this 'summer into fall' transition.  Well, such a moment happened for me this past Saturday!  I don't know about where you live, but here in Jersey it was actually cold

So lets get right to the point!  This past weekend was the perfect time to put Sole Goddess to the test!  Sole Goddess, in case you're wondering, is a foot balm that easily glides on your feet to help prevent blisters caused by shoes rubbing against feet.  Now typically, after an entire day of wearing my Reva flats, I wind up with several blisters.  This usually has me reaching for a handful of band aids to rescue my sad feet!  Well, with Sole Goddess, you simply swipe this balm in any area of your foot that tends to blister and it creates a shield therefore protecting your feet from yucky blisters.  I can attest to the fact that I've already worn my Reva flats three times this week and my feet are blister free! Now, does this balm make the Revas less painful to wear?  Not necessarily.  There is still some slight discomfort that I hope will eventually go away after breaking them in.  However, the fact that my feet don't blister with the protection of Sole Goddess, means, I can actually wear my favorite flats more often! 

So lets chat?  Have you tried Sole Goddess? What are your thoughts?  Be sure to pick this beauty up stat!  Your feet will thank you for it!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM
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  1. So glad you all like it! Also buy Sole Goddess Pink- the same formula, but in a smaller pink tube. It's just $10 and during the month of October we donate 30% of sales to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. sole