Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition "The Fall Brush Up" 10 pc Set

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A while back, Sonia Kashuk gave us instagram followers a preview of the gorgeous Limited Edition "The Brush Up" 10 pc Set she planned to launch for fall 2013. I fell instantly in love with these magenta beauties and absolutely couldn't wait to get my hands on them!  At that time, fall seemed SO far away... While on vacation, I saw that they'd launched and I swear I was ready to cut my trip short to ensure that I could get mine before they sold out!  After all, they're limited edition, gorgeous and of course everyone is going to want them right?  So when I arrived, I promptly strolled on over to Target (oh the travesty), and nearly hyperventilated when I couldn't find them... until... I looked on the top shelf!  Ahhh, there they were... waiting for meeee!  I quickly grabbed a set, put it in my shopping cart and picked up my step... you know, just in case crazy loony tried to snatch them from my shopping cart or something!  Hey, you never know... us crazy beauty junkies will do anything to get our beauty fixes!

When I got home, I unleashed them out of their package and into my hands.... I admired them for quite a while and thought, these are simply too pretty to use!  After a little play session, I could honestly say that for $26.99, these are a great deal!  This set includes a powder/blusher brush, synthetic pointed foundation brush, duo fibre multipurpose brush, medium eye shadow brush, pointed blending brush, angled crease brush, smudge brush, brow brush, bent eye liner brush, and spoolie to handle all of your makeup application needs.  Besides being useful and relatively decent quality, they will look spectacular on your vanity!  So ladies, get ready because this fall, it's all about magenta!

So lets chat!  Have you gotten your hands on these beauties?  What do you think?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM


  1. They look gorgeous! And at good price too :)

  2. love,love,love the color. is it a regular size brush coz it looks small.

  3. These sold out online pretty quickly, but I bought three in a Target store--one for me, and two more as Xmas gifts. I had to get someone to go into the back stock for the third one, because there were only two out front, so I bet these will sell out in stores soon as well. Haven't tried them yet. It's a bit annoying they don't come with brush bags, but in the back to school section I found some cute iridescent pencil bags that are a perfect fit for the brushes.

  4. they sold out online and they are not available in the stores as per the website. Suggestions?