Get Your Skin Ready For Fall With Lush's Rock Your Body Kit!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall is fast approaching.  As much as I love Summer, I'd say that Fall is truly my favorite time of year!  One thing I'm seriously thinking about is prepping my skin for the cooler weather ahead.  I've had so much fun this summer, but as always, no matter how much SPF I lather on, my skin always take a bit of a beating.  Luckily, Lush has prepared an ideal 'end of summer' kit!  Their limited edition Rock Your Body Kit is chock-full of skin savers to help transition your routine into the fall. Customizable with YOUR choice of products, this kit promises to lend a hand in soothing, repairing and revitalizing sun-kissed skin.  Each kit contains Dream Cream and Sugar Scrub - online customers can choose from a selection of soaps and dusting powders; in-store customers can choose from Lush's range of massage bars and dusting powders. 

Here's an in depth descriptions of the products available to choose from:

Sugar Scrub – Baring all for the beach one last time? Prep your skin and scrub to your heart’s content with this stimulating sugar scrub that’s sure to leave you feeling beautifully soft. Citrus oils brighten while fennel and ginger detoxify for a beachy summer glow!


Dream Cream Body Lotion – The perfect remedy for scorched summer skin! With calming lavender, chamomile and oat milk, Dream Cream will repair and restore your skin. A LUSH best-seller, this lovely lotion is sure to banish redness and sooth irritations.
Dusting Powder – Whether you’re looking for a sweet, tropical or herbal experience, our dusting powders are a great beach companion to finish out the dog days of summer. With deodorizing properties, each fragranced powder promises to keep you feeling dry and smelling good all day.
Choose from: Coconut, Silky Underwear, Vanilla Puff, The Guv’ner, The Greeench, T For Toes and Luster powders.
Soap Strip down and lather up with one of our fresh handmade soaps! If you’ve been getting down and dirty, our soaps will not only get you squeaky clean but will leave your skin beautifully scented with fine essentials oils.
Choose from: Sexy Peel, Sultana Of Soap, Honey I Washed The Kids, Dirty and Demon In The Dark soaps.
In place of soap, our in-store shoppers can customize their kit with a beautiful massage bar
Massage Bar – Just what the doctor ordered! Don’t let the sun set on your summer fling without enjoying a rejuvenating rub down first. Choose from our wide range of moisturizing massage bars that are great for spent skin, tired muscles and everything in between!
Choose from: Wiccy, Therapy, From Dusk Till Dawn, Mange Too, Each Peach, Soft Coeur, Strawberry Feels, Peace, Hottie, Friends With Benefits and Heavanilli massage bars.
I don't know about you, but I'm definitely heading to my nearest Lush to pick up this beauty!  Though knowing me, I'll probably walk away with a little more then just their Rock Your Body kit! 
Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO, Carla - FMM