Thera Pearl Eye Therapy Mask

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I don't know about you, but I suffer from horrible sinus issues!  My sinus headaches are frequent and  can often be debilitating!  For the most part, over the counter meds help to lessen my headaches... but those dwelling aches remain!  I swear, those gnawing, lingering headaches can be the worst!  You know, the ones that can't decide if they want to go or stay... they simply like to just make your life miserable!  These headaches tend to start during the night and by the time I need to wake up, I'm a hot mess!  My eyes are all puffy and I feel as though I've gotten run over by a truck!  Thankfully, I've found some relief with Thera Pearl Eye Therapy Masks!  I simply keep one in the freezer for such emergencies and find that a few minutes of lying still with this mask over my eyes along with my over the counter meds, truly does sooth my headaches and puffy eyes!  There's something about the instant cooling sensation against the eye area that really helps to ease my discomfort. 

Last week, I caught a little cold!  My body was a bit achy, my throat was sore and I felt a little congested.  I figured this was a perfect opportunity to reach for this mask... only this time, rather then cold, I went hot!  I simply popped it in the microwave and then proceeded to place it over my eyes/nose/forehead.  I noticed after a little while that my nose began to drain.  All that tight congestion that was there prior to using the mask became lose all of a sudden!  This was seriously the perfect remedy!  What I also love about this mask is that its pliable, face hugging shape really stays put without drips or leaks, and the therapeutic temperature lasts for 20 delicious minutes!  Just think of it as 'me time'!   It really feels like a little slice of heaven on your face!  Amazing really!

I have to say that i'm so impressed with this little mask!  I'm seriously checking out all of Thera Pearl's other products!  Between the hubby and I, we have all kinds of aches and pains!  Yes, i'm getting ... gulp...old... don't judge!  But I have serious joint pain, even had elbow surgery last year.  Also, I've intensified my workouts this summer which means lots of soreness all around!  I bet some of the other Thera Pearl products will definitely work their magic on all those aches and pains!  Check out their website and see for yourself just how innovative and amazing these masks are!  

So lets chat!  Have you tried Thera Pearl masks or any of their other products yet?  What were your thoughts?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla
*Product sent for consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are mine based on my experience with this product.  This is not a sponsored post.