So I Had This Carrie Moment...

Monday, July 1, 2013

One night, after putting the girls to bed, I sat down... laptop in tow, ready to blog.  I reached for the remote, pressed 'power' and there it was.... a Sex and the City rerun!  As I eagerly watched Carrie stroll the town in her gorgeous Manolos and her signature 'Carrie' necklace,  I thought... my gosh, how I wish I was her!  After all, her life just seemed so glamorous... bad times and all!  She had the coolest friends, frequented all the best NYC spots, had the fiercest style and of course the hippest job as a freelance writer... for VOGUE!   Really, on the surface, she totally seemed to have it all!  But as I sat there with my laptop in tow... I had a little Carrie moment! You see... like Carrie,  I'm essentially writing about my favorite thing in the world... beauty! At that very moment,  I couldn't help but feel a moment of gratitude... gratitude for finding my passion and pursuing it in full force!  As I look deeper within, I realize that my life is already pretty great!  Would I really want to be Carrie if magically given the chance?  I will honestly answer... no thanks!  Really, what most appealed to me about Carrie was her style!  When I think of Carrie Bradshaw, I think of that simple yet powerful 'Carrie' necklace she rocked day in and day out!  Does it carry 'no pun intended' any special meaning?   To me, it represented self love, self confidence and of course... timeless style! 

Years after the series' end, I can still look back and love this iconic accessory!  As obsessed as i was with SATC, ironically, I don't recall ever rocking one of these beauties while the series aired!  However, at this very moment, while watching the show, I felt a strong urge to find a 'Carla' necklace.  You see, for me, it represents an amazing chapter in my life!  A chapter filled with opportunity, excitement, and hope!  Oh and you know that saying, 'everything happens for a reason'?  The very next morning, I had an inbox from a jewelry company 'O'Necklace' asking me to do a review on one of their necklaces.... and guess what?  Their site was filled with all kinds of 'Carrie' necklaces... gold plated, silver plated, diamonds... you name it!  I took this as a sign and picked the one that spoke to me... a simple yet gorgeous gold plated 'Carla' necklace!  When it promptly arrived at my doorstep, in a pretty little box, I fell instantly in love!  This necklace is sturdy, beautifully crafted and just what I needed!   I immediately put it on, sat on my bed... laptop in tow... and there I was, Carrie... I mean, Carla!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Now where's my Cosmo?!  

So lets chat... don't you want to walk in Carrie's Manolos?  Go ahead and check these necklaces out!  They're very affordable in comparison to the Patricia Fields option and just as pretty!  I'm very happy with mine!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  XOXO Carla
*Necklace sent for consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are mine based on my experience with this necklace.  This is not a sponsored post!



  2. I love it! So cute and pretty..lovely access!

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