Detox and Reset Your Body!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Every once in a while, we all need to reset our minds and bodies back to their natural state of balance.  Think about all the things we put into our bodies... i don't mean just food, but stress and environment are also a factor!  Do you ever find yourself feeling tired, sluggish, run down and simply just not yourself?  This could be a result of what you are feeding your body.  Do you live on processed foods?  Did you know that processed foods take so much longer for the body to metabolize because these foods contain ingredients that are not natural and were never meant for natural consumption!  Instead, these are 'man made' additives to preserve and make food taste "good"!  I am sure I'm not providing you with any information you don't already know.  But it is important to note that if processed foods take longer to metabolize, you can now see a connection as to why this may result in the body feeling tired and sluggish!  Your metabolism and body is working over time to compensate for these unnatural additives in processed foods.

After my twins were born, i began taking hot yoga classes at Balance Yoga.  This practice has essentially changed my life!  Melissa, my yoga teacher and owner of Balance Yoga has been such an incredible mentor to me.  She has given me so many wonderful tools to help keep my body, skin and mind healthy!  Melissa's voice, wisdom, and ability to soothe the soul keeps everyone coming back for more.  She's been recognized by magazines and most recently made an appearance on the Dr. Oz show where she taught Dr. Oz and his audience how to tighten their 'assets'!  I still remember back when i first began practicing hot yoga at Balance, there was so much yoga mat real estate in class!  Now, you better get there nice and early if you want to experience Melissa's classes!

I realize that my readers are not necessarily local BUT i wanted to share with you something that Melissa taught me!  Every couple of months or so, she holds an online class called The Reset Plan. The Reset plan is simply a way to detoxify your body and mind using solely whole foods.  This online class gives you all the essential tools to cleanse your body in a natural way.  It also allows you to identify any possible food allergies that may be causing discomfort in your body including aches and pains!  One of my favorite things about this cleanse is the delicious smoothie incorporated in the plan.  During the first phase of the detox, you will enjoy a smoothie first thing in the morning as well as dinner.  For lunch, you can have anything from the approved list of foods.  Note that during this time you will eliminate wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar and soy from your diet.  My favorite smoothie recipe is as follows:

One handful of blueberries
One mango
A few slices of pineapple
Add about one cup of unsweetened almond milk
Pour in one scoop of Vega's Vanilla Amondilla raw vegan protein powder
Blend and enjoy!

This smoothie is incredibly delicious and so filling!  Many times, when I'm not on the reset plan, i find that my body craves this smoothie... and when it does, i promptly listen to my body and feed it what it needs.  Please note, there are many variations of smoothies you can make on this plan, including options for chocolate lovers!  You will not starve yourself and you will eat actual food on this plan!  No gimmicks!  Trust me, if i can do it... anyone can!

Visit Balance Yoga to learn more about the RESET PLAN.  There is a new session starting this Wednesday, June 12th!  This session is held online so you can essentially do this from ANYWHERE in the world!  Woohooo international readers!!!!  If you don't get to do it this time around, no worries... Melissa will do it again in a couple of months!  But honestly, you must try this!  Your body will thank you!

As Melissa always says at the end of every class... "May you be free from danger... may you have mental happiness, may you physical happiness... and may you have ease of well being.  Thank you so much for sharing your time with me my friends... Namaste"


  1. She sounds just amazing! You have definitely learned a lot from her. Thank you for sharing this. There are a lot of times where I feel like I need to detoxify my body from all of the processed crap that I (unfortunately) eat!

  2. This sounds heavenly, I'm always saying I'm going to start a detox tomorrow yet tomorrow has yet to come! I love how this uses no bananas! HATE banana Hehehe I'll be bookmarking this recipe for sure.


  3. Mhhh! Yummi **

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  4. That smoothie looks delicious! I totally agree that it's all about what you are feeding your body. In fact I've been working with a health and wellness company for that exact reason. I'm feeling better than I've ever felt before!