Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I have quite possibly tried 75% of all makeup removing wipes!   Like many others, i dread removing my makeup every night, but, i refuse to sleep with it on so i opt for easy options to wipe my face clean every night.  One thing i don't like is when wipes feel rough on my skin.  Thankfully, i found Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes!  I was really excited when i saw these on the store shelf because Aveeno is such a trustworthy brand and i usually love their products!  These wipes are incredibly soft and leave my skin feeling clean.  I can even wipe my eye makeup off without over-irritating my eyes.  This is definitely a bonus because i have the world's most sensitive eyes.  If you have sensitive skin/eyes, these are definitely the wipes for you!

So lets chat, have you tried these awesome wipes yet?  What did you think?  What other Aveeno products do you love?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM


  1. I Love these!!! My eyes are so sensitive too. These are by far my favorite ones

    1. Aren't they amazing! I have such a hard time and these feel great! Thanks for stopping by Chrissy!!!!

  2. I like the Ponds wipes also, in fact, i used them for years! But these are even softer on my skin. Try them!

  3. I have actually used sensitive baby wipes on my face/eyes for years. And surprisingly I totally prefer Presidents Choice Sensitive with aloe and chamomile. Very soft and calming (Not sure if those are only in Canada). But that's just me :)