My Most Viewed Post - French Bang Braid Tutorial

Thursday, April 4, 2013

So today i was tweaking some things on my blog and happened to notice that this particular post has almost 4,000 page views.  I am quite aware that some of the images have often been re-pinned on Pinterest which is very exciting!  While i think the content of the post is great, particularly because braids are so fun, I'm thinking about creating a newer version of this post.  What do you think?  This particular tutorial was done when i first started FMM and looking back at it, i think it could use some sprucing up... maybe even a video?  The only challenge will be the fact that my bangs are way shorter now, though I'm in the process of growing them out!

So lets chat, say i do choose to redo this post... what do you suggest in terms of making it easier to follow?  What would you like for me to add or change?  I'd love your thoughts!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  XOXO Carla - FMM


  1. That is amazing! Truly! This was one of my fav posts, I even tried and was not so successful LOL so I suppose if you have time yes re do it and somehow make it more 'idiot' proof for me hehehe!


    1. Aw thanks Sonia, i'll see what I can do to simplify the instructions! So glad you liked it though! xo

  2. I think it's great that your post was so popular - it's clear to see why!