Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Hint of Sparkle!


So it's not secret that i have a little ahem obsession with nail polish!  OK so perhaps it's not a little obsession, but you can't blame a girl for wanting pretty nails!  Lately, i find myself reaching for teal hues... i just can't get enough of them!  A few weeks ago, the hubby and i went to a wedding and i knew this was the polish i wanted to go with.  I wore a black long sleeve v-neck dress that was knee length.  I paired it with a gorgeous pair of leopard print wedges!  The obvious choice of polish would probably be red... but i kind of felt that the teal added a hint of edge.  I had just received "Donna" in my Julep Maven box and fell instantly in love when i applied this gorgeous color on.  In fact, i loved the fact that it was so creamy and went on incredibly well.  I could have probably gotten away with one single coat... it was that good!  Coincidentally, a few days prior to the wedding, while shopping at Nordstrom, i came across this super cute set of rhinestone clear nail stickers.  I knew that these would add a bit of interest and personality to my choice of polish for the evening!  I opted to apply a sticker to my ring finger nail on both hands simply because i didn't want to over do it... i mean, i was wearing leopard print wedges remember?  These nail stickers are ideal for dressing up any manicure!  Have you seen these yet?  What are your thoughts?

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  1. wow.. wonderful nails!!!
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  2. nice work...i really wana try this :)

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  8. love that. will try to look for that one here :) Happy New Year :D


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  11. Yes totally love this nail polish ♥ I have just one this blue color I have to try it. Looks great :))
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  13. beautiful

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  15. really nice nails!
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  18. The color is beautiful, i love it!
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  24. What awesome nails! Simple yet sparkly! x

  25. Oh my god I want to do this! That looks so cute!