Julep - Create Your Own Color

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I've always ALWAYS wanted to have a nail polish color named after me!  Yes, i dream big lol... but in all seriousness... how cool would it be knowing that somewhere out there (can you hear the song in your head already?) someone could possibly be wearing a color named after meeeee and inspired by meeee!!!  I know exactly what my color would look like and i'm pretty sure those close to me would probably know too!  But i'm going to hold off on sharing that bit of information for now.  You see, Julep, who you've heard me talk about many many times, is having this incredible contest!  It's called Create Your Color - Pin and Enter! Basically, all you have to do is pick a color you love, create a pinterest board titled 'Create Your Julep Color' and pin images to your board that inspire your color of choice.  You'll need to hashtag each pic with Julep Color Challenge and Create Your Julep Color.  Fill out a simple form here and submit!  If you win, you get to name your own color!!!  Can you imagine? 

Honestly, i thought about not posting this because... really, no offense but i want to win this badly!  However, i think everyone should be given a fair chance... that and i LOVE my readers!  So with that said, good luck!  May the best maven win! 


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