Trend Report!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This season is filled with fabulous new trends.  There are a few however, that really stand out in my mind as favorites of mine!  I just about died watching Elie Saab’s gorgeous display of monochromatic hues make their way down the runway creating a rainbow effect.  Valentino also featured a sequence of chic monochromatic pairings that screamed perfection.  Another wonderful trend we are seeing everywhere is pops of color and color blocking.  This is such a ‘feel good’ trend!  Bright colors can just about brighten anyone’s day!   I’m loving all the tangerine hues as well as greens and turquoise pairings. 

If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with nail polish!  I have more than I can count but I can never seem to get enough.  So every season, I think about the current fashion trends, and find ways to translate those trends into my beauty routine.  Particularly my nails!  For this manicure, I opted for one color, blue, and decided to illustrate two different trends using this one color.  On one hand, I am wearing my interpretation of color blocking.  I painted my nails in a pretty turquoise blue.  For my ring finger nail I opted for a navy blue with a bit of shimmer.  This not only illustrates color blocking but a huge trend happening in nails where one nail color differs from the rest. 

For my other hand, I opted to show my interpretation of a monochromatic effect - Ombre.  My main color was blue and each nail was polished in a different shade of the same base color.  I actually LOVE this!  I mean it’s genius!  It makes perfect sense for a girl with a thousand polishes right?  I’ll definitely get more wear out of my polish collection, that’s for sure!  Overall, a great way to sport new trends, particularly those you may be hesitant to invest in at first, is with your nail polish.  It’s inexpensive, and easily removable!  So go ahead… be creative! 

On one hand I'm wearing Slapper and Bluey by Butter London.  On the other hand, I'm wearing 'Wave - Ombre' by The New Black which is a pairing of five fabulous shades of blue.  Both brands available at Nordstrom.

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  1. So pretty, I love the aqua colours :)

  2. Great ombre nail color look, doll!

  3. hello my lovely friend, they are just the most gorgeous colous, i love them all, you have gorgeous nails Carla how do you get them to grow so nice, mine are so badly damaged from years of using fake ones that they never seem to grow they just chip and peel, its awful, hope your having a great week Carla, kisses from dublin xx leonie

  4. Carla, you did an amazing job with your nails! WOW! The ombre nail look is definitely a trend I have not yet tried but definitely will before the summer is over! I can't wait to see the new cardigan you bought from Zara, in fact I am heading there after work tonight to check out more sale's been about 3 weeks since the sale started...2nd markdowns should be going!

  5. Love your teal polishes! Your nails look amazing :)

  6. love the teal. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for xo

  7. love your nail! so creative!
    xx chris

  8. Beautiful post, I love your nails and ring :)

    Ps. I don't find you among my followers :( so, please, try again! Kiss!

  9. I loved your creativity in coloring your nails and create a mixture of dark and light colors.


    FĂȘ Mello