Sheswai... How I Love Thee..

Friday, July 20, 2012

Calling all my nail polish loving friends!  And i know there are plenty of you!  So the other day, while browsing through one of my favorite beauty blogs The Glossarie, I came across a brand of nail polish called Sheswai (pronounced She-sway).  I must admit, i was immediately intrigued not only by the unique name, but by the gorgeous packaging.  I'd never heard of this brand really, but wanted to know more.  A couple of days later, while strolling through one of my favorite stores Anthropologie, there they were.... three beautiful Sheswai polishes!  Wow, the bottles were even prettier in person!  The three shades consisted of a subtle nude, a bright red, and a stunning salmon-y pink that immediately caught my eye!  I was so excited to finally be able to physically see and touch this beautifully crafted bottle of heavenly polish! I immediately tried it on in the color "so cute" and it truly was!  I knew immediately this pretty baby was coming home with meeeee!  So here's the best part, i typically paint my nails several times a week and find myself switching colors and styles like there's no tomorrow.  Yet, I've been wearing this very same color all week!  I can't get enough!  It's such a lovely combination of a pretty neutral, yet with a pop of fleshy pink!  It's so perfect with my current sun kissed skin tone!  I'm hoping Anthropologie gets the entire collection!  I want more and more and MORE!   I quickly approached a sales associate who was equally excited to have received these and assured me that they would indeed get more in store.   Let me also tell you what makes this brand even more special!  As stated on their website: "sheswai lacquer is FREE of formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp’s, making it less toxic.  And our caps are made from sustainably harvested wood, grown on family owned tree farms sheswai is the first nail polish in the beauty industry to use a custom wood turned cap, thereby reducing the use of plastic."  Don't you just love that???

I have my eye on a bunch of other colors such as 'stoned, stoked, fuckyeah, what and badass!  So, check out their website for more of this wonderful eye candy... I promise you will immediately be drawn to their stunning presentation and even more, you'll die over their indulgent color palette!

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  1. Gorgeous color! I need to look for these polishes the next time I am at Anthro.

  2. Esta é uma cor extremamente delicada e linda! Acompanhada com uma graciosa maquiagem, acho que uma mulher fica irresistivelmente charmosa!!! Adorei


  3. This colour really is so cute!! I love it :)

  4. this nailpolish looks amazing on you! love the color:)
    xx chris

  5. Beautifull colour!!

    xoxo lorena

  6. Beautiful color, it looks so nice in your nails
    I follow you now and thaks for follow me

  7. Hey :)
    I really like your blog - btw: I love the nailpolish!

    Maybe we could follow each other? :D
    I already follow you! (name: "fille" - you should find me on the last page, because I haven't got a profile picture)

    My fashion blog :)

  8. it's a beautiful color:)If you want go to my blog:)

  9. Cute colors! Love them all!

    Roll Up shoes

  10. hi my gorgeous friend, what fabulous nails you have carla and this is a great colour, what a lovely bottle too, i meant to say carla i got the bobbi brown perfume you recommended i just adore it, thanks so much for introducing me to it, no way im going to get to a beach here in poor old ireland so i may as well smell of one!! hope you and the family all having a great week, kisses my lovely friend from leonie in dublin xxxx

  11. hey darling, cute nail color.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, of course we can follow each other ;) I am now your 300 follower yoo-hoo!

  12. obsessed with this shade. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report & post for xo

  13. I really love this color and I'm going to look for it here in The Netherlands! I also want to let you know (since you followed my blog Peach Polkadot) I moved my blog to !