Scarf Bag DIY

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OK, picture this... you, in the Caribbean somewhere, turquoise water, pink sand on your toes.  Good!  Now you've packed your Louboutins and Louis Vuittons but forgot to bring a place to carry your beach essentials.  Well, luckily you've packed some sarongs, scarves and bangles right?  These are all you'll need to create your very own scarf bag!  And guess what?  There is NO SEWING INVOLVED!  Yay!  So here's the scoop!

*You'll need a large square scarf.  Mine is vintage purchased on Etsy from a wonderful friend at Brick City Vintage. 

*You'll also need a couple of complimenting bangles.  I opted for a yellow/green and a turquoise because i felt it complimented the gorgeous scarf.  I also have a couple of yellow bangles that i'm showing here that could have also been a nice option.


OK so here's step one... start with your favorite large square scarf.

Next, you'll knot each corner.
From here, you'll take the two knots on the left and tie them together.  Do the same thing on the right.

At this point, you will take two of your favorite bangles and tie a knot around them with the two sides that you knotted previously. The fun part is the bangles will double as handles and a fabulous accessory!

And Voila!!!  Isn't it so chic?

It's pretty roomy inside.

These are the bangles i used.

These yellow bangles were initially my first option.

The final product!  Try it out, it's so simple... anyone can do it!  I'd love to hear how yours came out!


  1. Love this! What a great idea. Are you on Pinterest?

  2. Hi Amber! Thanks! Yes I am... Search for Carla Kokoszka :) I have a few more idesa I'm working on.