I spy with my little eye..... KATE SPADE!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The great thing about stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx is that  you can often find wonderful little treasures for a fraction of the price of what they retail for.  The bad thing about those stores is that you can't necessarily go looking for very specific items because you most likely will NOT find them... Murphy's Law!  So the other day, i walked into Marshall's, not really looking for anything specific but just needed a few minutes to myself.   Since the girls were napping, I felt it was a good opportunity to go out for a breather so Pete stayed with the girls and off i went!  As i walked around, something caught my eye at a distance.  I knew exactly what it was and who it was by though it was almost too far to tell for the average eye lol.  Sitting on a shelf, was the prettiest little Kate Spade make up bag in the loveliest shades of green and white.  I began to walk a bit  faster fearing that someone else would spot my new make-up bag!  I quickly snatched it!  The original tag read $60.  The Marshall's tag read $24.99!  SOLD!  Isn't she pretty???