A Hairy Situation...

Friday, February 17, 2012

My hair stylist and genius Rosi at Xchanges Hair Artistry assures me that hair can be rebuilt.  She says that if you use the right products and nourish it properly, it will reverse the signs of damage.  This is quite a challenge for my fried, over-processed hair but she assures me that my hair is in much better condition then i give it credit for.  Certainly, after the Thermafuse treatment, Wen haircare products along with a few others, i am actually starting to believe her.  On a recent trip to Sephora, i came across a brand i'd never heard of before called 'Carol's Daughter'.  The products looked very intriguing to me.  Their packaging and scents have a very organic feel to them as if someone actually created it with their very own home grown ingredients.  As i sampled a few of their products in the store, i remembered Rosi specifying that the key word to look for in a product that will rebuild your hair is "repair".  She assured me that these kinds of products are in fact sulfate free which is a must for maintaining the thermafuse treatment.  I decided to pick up the Marguerite's Magic™ Restorative Cream Hairdress $17 for an 8oz container which claimed to do just that!

So the first time i used it i made a huge mistake!  I took a large glob of the product, rubbed my hands together and proceeded to apply it on my towel dried hair.  When i began to blow dry my hair i knew immediately i had used way too much!  I had to rewash my hair which was really annoying considering i don't have that kind of time on my hands!  However, i had no choice because i was NOT going for the grease monkey look!  This time, i blow dried my hair first, then i took a very small amount, rubbed my hands together and placed the product strictly on my ends.  Wow, a little really does go a long way!  I was so impressed with this product mainly because i'm so used to using a ton of product on my hair and with this, i only needed a tad.  My hair felt incredibly soft and looked very  healthy after applying this.  So the good news is, this is a GREAT product and you only need to use a tiny amount to have wonderful results.  The size of this container will last you a lifetime so it's totally worth the $17.  Oh and here's a major bonus...when you finish applying it on your hair, you'll notice that it makes your hands super soft!  SCORE!  I look forward to trying their other products!

Ok so this is just about how much you need.  Rub your hands together and run them through the ends of your hair. 
**Note**  I highly recommend this product for anyone with thick, course hair.  This product, in my opinion, is not ideal for anyone with fine oily hair.