Put A Ring On It!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I have always enjoyed big, chunky, fun rings! Since becoming a mommy, I noticed that all my super cute rings have been tucked away in my jewelry chest. This is mainly because although they're fun and make a bold statement, they're not the most practical for changing diapers, washing dishes, and all things associated with a mommy's life. Well this year I'm vowing to change that! I recently purchased this gorgeous Michael Kors ring which retails for $98 although I snatched it for MUCH LESS on Ebay (brand new with tags)! The ring is composed of three bands, two gold and one sparkly silver band. You could essentially wear the bands separately or paired together for a bolder statement which I love! Although the ring is photographed on my wedding ring finger, I will most likely wear it on my right middle finger. I had to photograph it this way because my left arm is out of commission due to recent elbow surgery. This is another reason why I haven't posted consistently lately... Kinda hard taking pictures and typing with one hand... Though I'm starting to get the hang of it!

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  1. That is one lovely ring! You do have an excellent taste in choosing engagement rings. I think you'll never get the hang of it.