North Pole themed Snack Time... Harry The Elf's Arrival

Thursday, December 29, 2011

So this year, Harry The Elf came to visit us from the North Pole for the very first time! He was sent by Santa to keep Miss Mia and Miss Olivia in check! Every night, he'd travel back to the North Pole to report on their daily behavior. Every day, when the girls woke up, the first thing they did was look for Harry the Elf. He found himself in quite a few odd places. This year, Harry made quite the entrance as he showed up after the girls' nap on the day after Thanksgiving. He set up a North Pole feast that the girls will remember forever! Just look!

Check out the fancy spread that Harry set up for the girls!

He wrote Mia a special letter with specific instructions!  We're still working on the potty thing~

He also wrote a special letter for Olivia.  She too is still working on the 'respectful voice'!  In fact, as i write this, daddy just set up their new kareoke Hello Kitty player and Olivia has decided she does not like us because she doesn't want to sing along to the music!  Sigh...

Here are some other goodies Harry so generously left for Mia and Olivia :)