Little indulgence

Saturday, December 31, 2011

There is just something about Chanel polish that excites me.  Perhaps it's because i can't actually afford anything Chanel really other then maybe sunglasses and polish but still, it's a wonderful little indulgence.  In fact, when i was pregnant with my twin girls, i was placed on bed rest, swollen beyond recognition and really couldn't fit into anything remotely stylish.  I remember being obsessed with Chanel polish simply because it was the ONE thing i could do to make myself feel remotely pretty and slightly fashionable.  The IT color at the time was Blue Satin which i wore often.  Yes, i realize it's expensive BUT it felt rich, pretty and absolutely wonderful!  It's one of my favorite indulgences!  You can find your favorite shade at  You can snatch your favorite shade for a mere $26 investment!