Sparse Brows No More! IT Cosmetics New Launch Alert!

Monday, September 4, 2017

IT Cosmetics has launched a plethora of products recently and has generously sent me a bunch to try! Considering i've been a fan of this brand for so many years, i couldn't wait to put some of these to the test and share the results with you!  I asked on social media which products you wanted to see first and most of you mentioned the Brow Power Powder so i'm stoked to share my first of many IT Cosmetics new launch reviews!

Where do i begin here... let's just say that i have horribly sparse brows.  No matter how much i try to grow them in, they just seem to grow in all the wrong places leaving me with sparse, barely there brows.  Ugh!  I seriously rely on powerful brow products to keep my brows shapely and somewhat natural looking and while i though i'd found my holy grail... i was wrong!  I honestly say that out of the new IT launches, this is my absolute most reached for!  I have already put quite a dent on it and am simply blown away by how precisely it shapes my brows yet keeps them looking natural which is a must.  A lighter touch provides you with a lighter pigment if you have light brown or blonde hair.  A heavier touch makes the color more intense if you have dark brown or black hair. I also feels as though this brush is a must when applying this product because its shape makes application precise and super easy!  The formula is long lasting too!  I wear glasses and often times my brows disappear with certain products... not this one!  This baby stays put! The Brow Power Pomade is great for topping off the Brow Power Powder!  It sort of helps to seal everything in.

See below a comparison of my brows with/without Brow Power Powder (MAJOR difference!)

If you have sparse brows like myself, i have no doubt that you will love this product as much as i do! You can purchase it here and here!

I plan on doing quite a few back to back IT posts in order to get my 'new launch' reviews out quickly! I know a lot of you have been reaching out so i promise i will have those for you soon!  Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with these products.