When in doubt...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ok so i'm obssessed with nail polish... we all know that right?  You've seen my collection here, and i have since added a few more!  Since i've been trying some bolder hues lately,  i opted for a more neutral look for today's manicure.  When i peeked in my nail polish case, i just couldn't decide... so i chose it all!  I picked 5 of my favorite neutrals and polished one color per fingernail.  What do you think?

Here is a list of the brands/colors i used:

Pinkie:  Nails Inc. Fourbert's Place
Ring:  Essie Mink Muffs
Middle:  Butter London Fash Pack
Pointer:  MAC Frost Earthly Harmony
Thumb:  Essie Jazz

Fashion Maven Olivia

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So the other day, I blogged about Incoco's nail polish appliqués. A few days later, while strolling up and down the isles of Target, I came across Sally Hansen's version of these appliqués called Salon Effects. I picked out a couple of interesting patterns because I was curious to see how they compared with Incoco's appliqués. When I got home, I quickly applied 'Mad for Plaid' (the pattern I'd picked out). I immediately noticed the texture felt lighter. I applied this print solely on my ring finger nail. For the rest of my nails I opted for a bright pink color to play up the pinks in this pattern. Overall, it's a fun pattern, but I'm not so sure about wearing it on all my nails. It didn't last as long as Incoco's appliqués but worked well for a couple of days. However, it dawned on me... This is PERFECT for my twin girlie girls! Think about it, it's easy to apply and NO DRYING TIME!!! So I decided to give Mia and Olivia a little 'nail polish applique' manicure and loved how sweet it looked on their itty bitty nails! I snapped this picture of Olivia's nails while playing at the park on Saturday! What do you think?

The Magic Wand

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If you have tiny lashes like mine, finding the right mascara can be quite the task. I've tried many brands and have liked some more then others. So a few months ago, i was at Sephora exchanging a mascara that I'd tried and hated when the sales lady suggested i try a mascara primer. A mascara primer??? What for! I felt as if a mascara primer was just another added step to my make up routine and would lengthen my prep time every morning.  I'm a busy mom and don't have time for extra steps in the morning, do you? Well, I'd soon find out how wrong i was! She insisted i try it on one lash and leave the other lash with just mascara. I figured, fine... I'll try it. She handed me the Givenchy Mister Lash Booster. It's basically this sleek tube that twists open and clear gel comes out of the angled tip. You simply apply the gel to the lashes followed by your favorite mascara and voila... gorgeous lashes! I noticed a HUGE difference from one eye to the other and absolutely, positively could NOT walk out of this store without my new found magic wand! I highly recommend it to anyone with tiny lashes as it lengthens, hydrates and separates the lashes! Love at first blink! You can find Givenchy Mister Lash Booster at Givenchy Mister Lash Booster .  Yes, it's $30 a pop, but your lashes will thank you for it!

So here's how to apply:

Before applying mascara, twist the wand until you see a small portion of clear gel.  Begin by applying from the part of the lashes that is closest to the eye and work your way up.  Make sure you apply to every single lash. 

Then follow by applying a couple of coats of your favorite mascara.  You must do this within the first minute or so after applying the gel.  You'll notice how smoothly your mascara goes on!

And you are done!  The picture below shows precisely how defined, thick and long the lashes look.  

If you are not sure, do what i did and see for yourself.  Next time you go to Sephora, stop by and ask to try it on!  Let me know what you think!

*  A special thank you to my wonderful friend Nicole who took these pictures (kinda hard to do it myself lol).  She is truly a 'Jack of all trades'... aka NT!  Muah~!

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Incoco Nail Polish Applique

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The other day at the gym, my friend had a super fun manicure.  When i asked her about it, she told me her polish was actually a nail polish applique.   Our gym is at our nearby mall so after our workout, we took a stroll to the Incoco kiosk which was conveniently just a few steps away.  (There is also a website www.incoco.com)  I was floored at the endless possibilities of this 'nail polish'.  I mean, I'm a very busy mommy who loves to play with nail polish.  Problem is, the only time i really have to do my nails is when the girls go to bed.  However, they always make their way to my room as I'm drying my nails!  This new polish involves zero drying time!  Basically, these are nail polish appliques, made with real nail polish.  They come in a wide array of colors ranging from solids to super fun prints.  They even have french manicure strips!  I found a print i really liked and decided to try it.  I don't typically do these kinds of prints, but i really didn't want to go with a solid color.  So here is the tutorial. 

First step:  You must remove your nail polish.  Even if you are not wearing polish, you must dip your nails in nail polish remover.  This ensures that all oils, lotions and soaps are completely washed out of your nails.

Second step:  Find the right size strip for the nail you've selected.  Removed clear backing off of the nail strip.

Third step:  Remove the second strip (there's one on each side). 


Fourth step:  Apply strip close to the cuticle of your nail.  Make sure your cuticles are pushed back.

Fifth step:  Simply bend the access strip down and snap it off.

Sixth step:  File the nail and you are done!  No drying time!

Here are a few pretty pictures of the outcome!  I honestly loved it!  Also, the sales lady gave me a couple of samples of the 24K glitter color which i've used on my ring finger.  I polished the rest of my nails in a teal color and i love the contrast of the two.  These strips can last quite a while!

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Ruffles, Bracelets and Bows, OH MY!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I love classic pieces with an edge.  In fact, this is what attracts me to stores like JCrew. They carry very basic articles of clothing with an edge.  The jacket below is a prime example of this.  It's your standard three quarter length sleeve spring jacket, yet this one has a beautiful ruffle detail on the collar all the way down the front that adds a certain whimsical feel to it.  I purchased it in Spring 2008 a few short months after having the girls.  I had lost my baby weight so i was excited to build my Spring wardrobe.  I walked into JCrew and there it was!  I fell in love... and honestly, to this very day, it's one of my absolute favorite Spring Jackets!  It's so versatile.  You can wear it with a fab pair of jeans or capris and know that you look super chic!  I snatched it immediately because i knew it would sell out... and sure enough, it did! 

Another trend I'm loving right now, is pairing up bracelets for a chunky look.  In the pictures below, I'm wearing a double wrap Tory Burch metallic gold bracelet, Tory Burch chain bracelet with matching earrings purchased at Nordstrom though i no longer see them on their website and a rose gold Michael Kors watch. 

Lastly, i love the ballet slippers pictured below.  I purchased them at the Gap a couple of years ago.  The bow is that little bit of edge or whimsy on a classic shoe.


Notice the sleeves have a little ruffle too... so fun!



***A special thank you to my "wifey" (friend and former team teacher) Millie for taking the gorgeous pictures!  Also, a special thank you to my wonderful friends Julie and Liz for taking pics for previous blog entries.  You guys ROCK!

French Braid Bang Tutorial

I really enjoy wearing this braid on my bangs.  It kind of dresses it up without too much fuss.  This particular braid was never taught to me, i just kind of figured it out one day while attempting to braid my bangs. I am constantly asked how i make it so i figured i'd attempt to do a tutorial.   I will do my best to take you step by step, though if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Before taking you through the written steps, here's a quick video tutorial!

Take three pieces of hair.  To facilitate this, lets call the piece on the top A, the middle B and the closest to my forehead C. 

Take piece C and place it over B (it now becomes the middle piece 'B')

Take piece C and merge it with A.  So now you only have two pieces C & B.

So now you'll need to grab another chunk of hair from your bangs to add piece C.  So you're back to having three chunks of hair.  You basically repeat this process until you feel you've reached the look you want.

Basically if you know how to do a basic braid, you will do that with the exception of merging the two pieces as stated above and then adding another chunk from your bangs.  I know it's a bit confusing to explain which is why i used the ABC examples.  Hopefully the pictures will help.
I basically tuck my braid under the hair by using a couple of bobby pins  to secure it in place. 

Here's the finished product.  Not the best picture of me but you get the idea .

A Case of the Blues

Friday, March 9, 2012

I believe that accessories are EVERYTHING!  They don't necessarily have to be expensive, you just have to know how to pair things up.  I love many colors, however turquoise is a wonderful color to compliment most outfits.  Here are some of my absolute favorite blue, turquoise and teal pieces....

 This is one of my absolute favorite necklaces from JCrew!  I've had it for a while now and i get a ton of compliments every single time i wear it.  The cardigan and bangles on the right are also from JCrew.  In fact, one of the bangles is the exact same print as my cardigan.  

The bracelets to the left are all from Forever 21.  This store has a ton of fun accessories that can glorify any outfit without breaking the bank.
OK do you love this patent leather teal envelope clutch as much as i do???  I absolutely positively adore it!  Forever 21 for a whopping $19.99!!!  SCORE! Note:  The ring is also JCrew, and the bracelet charm peeking below on the right is Tory Burch.

Here are some more fun accessories...
This JCrew bracelet makes me want to retreat somewhere tropical... paired with a long flowing maxi dress and flip flops.... ahhh i can almost feel the sand on my toes :)

This is a lovely vintage broach i picked up on a trip to Martha's Vineyard.  I think i scored it for $5!

The bracelet below may be from Forever 21 but i honestly can't say for sure.  Still, it's a great little piece!

Here's another JCrew bracelet i love.  It's so vintage looking!  I mean, it's so gorgeous it kinda speaks for itself.

I fell in love with the scarf below during a recent trip to the Gap (29.99).  The vibrant colors are very in tune with the season's trends.  The reason i added it to this post is simply because i think it's a great complement to any of these accessories.  It's got some turquoise and navy hues to tie into the featured accessories, yet the bolder fuchsia and orange make it less matchy matchy.  Oh and how bananas is the coat?  It's a vintage find and label reads Saks Fifth Avenue!

Here's closer view of my coat's colar... i adore this vintage find.  I swear i could hardly breathe with excitement when i found it!
Hope you enjoyed this post!