Little indulgence

Saturday, December 31, 2011

There is just something about Chanel polish that excites me.  Perhaps it's because i can't actually afford anything Chanel really other then maybe sunglasses and polish but still, it's a wonderful little indulgence.  In fact, when i was pregnant with my twin girls, i was placed on bed rest, swollen beyond recognition and really couldn't fit into anything remotely stylish.  I remember being obsessed with Chanel polish simply because it was the ONE thing i could do to make myself feel remotely pretty and slightly fashionable.  The IT color at the time was Blue Satin which i wore often.  Yes, i realize it's expensive BUT it felt rich, pretty and absolutely wonderful!  It's one of my favorite indulgences!  You can find your favorite shade at  You can snatch your favorite shade for a mere $26 investment!

Strap it on!

So I'm totally in LOVE with these super cool Tory Burch bracelets!  I love the idea of pairing these with my favorite Michael Kors rose gold watch priced at $250! What do you think??  The orange and leopard are a MUST!  I mean I DO have a birthday coming up this week ;)  BTW, they're available at $95.

North Pole themed Snack Time... Harry The Elf's Arrival

Thursday, December 29, 2011

So this year, Harry The Elf came to visit us from the North Pole for the very first time! He was sent by Santa to keep Miss Mia and Miss Olivia in check! Every night, he'd travel back to the North Pole to report on their daily behavior. Every day, when the girls woke up, the first thing they did was look for Harry the Elf. He found himself in quite a few odd places. This year, Harry made quite the entrance as he showed up after the girls' nap on the day after Thanksgiving. He set up a North Pole feast that the girls will remember forever! Just look!

Check out the fancy spread that Harry set up for the girls!

He wrote Mia a special letter with specific instructions!  We're still working on the potty thing~

He also wrote a special letter for Olivia.  She too is still working on the 'respectful voice'!  In fact, as i write this, daddy just set up their new kareoke Hello Kitty player and Olivia has decided she does not like us because she doesn't want to sing along to the music!  Sigh...

Here are some other goodies Harry so generously left for Mia and Olivia :)

The Journey Ahead

Well, I've done it! I've finally come around to starting my very own BLOG! For years i have pondered ways to share many of my creative ideas and obsessions with the world! I'm a mommy of four year old twin girls Mia and Olivia. They inspire me everyday! In fact, I'll be posting about all the fun and creative birthday parties I've planned for them along with some other fun things we've done together. I'm hoping to inspire some of you to do the same for your little ones! In addition, I'm a fashionaholic!!!! This is actually an understatement! I LOVE fashion magazines, make-up and anything super cute, unique and fab. I hope to share with you all my fashion finds and obsessions. Hey, you can be a mom and STILL be fab right?? I have a lot of fun DYI's as well that i hope you love. I'll also share with you some of my favorite recipes (kid friendly and not)! A new year is beginning... a new journey in fact. Here's to making this year one filled with wonderful new adventures,a ton of inspiration and fun creative ideas! Let the blogging parade begin! Cheers!